What’s your base level?

I think my base level is being highly delusional. I’m just not sure I’m even sick though. I can’t account for my YouTube changing songs without touching it.

Playlist perhaps ?

I’ll be on a playlist or just a single video. Just before the song is about to play it jumps around. Sometimes it does it when I’m looking at it. That’s rare though. Most of the time it’s when I’m putting it in my pocket.

That leads one to believe it’s hitting my leg or pant material. I’ve tested it by hitting another song just as I’m about to put it in my pocket. It never changes. I just don’t know.

Autoplay? I love it. It’s turned me on to so many amazing bands and songs.

Yeah autoplay has really helped me discover some songs by bands I love that were hidden on the album and never got any radio play. I haven’t really suspected it of anything… I was only delusional for a couple of years. I’m pretty level-headed now, and boredom and lack of social progress are my main enemies.

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My base level is definitely delusional.

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