Musically triggered?

Does music trigger anybody else? I know that I’m getting psychotic if I start listening to specific music over and over again on repeat.

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Yeah sometimes it triggers voices and hallucinations that really get under my skin. If things are bad I have to stop listening to music for the day. When I say it triggers hallucinations I mean primarily visual ones, I have always tried imagining stuff to music but now the hallucinations muddle and change the images I think of, which gets me angry. So I try not to think while I’m listening to music if that makes any sense.

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Yeah it does make sense. My delusional content usually comes from the repeated songs. I wish I could just stop listening to it but it’s like a compulsion! I don’t know how to take a break from music, I keep getting sucked in.

Nope, not my case

Voices in songs trigger me sometimes. Especially if it’s a song I haven’t heard before.

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certain songs can put me in past delusional states again.

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