What's your favourite song that reminds you of actual schizophrenia like?potentially TRIGGER WARNING *

I have two.



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From my first episode back in 2012-2013. I thought people were gonna burn me alive in a wicker man for some reason and this song was talking about burning me. Glad that’s over

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Hey yellow diamond. It’s really strange but I found that accepting that I’m sad actually helps me feel okay. I’m still sad but suppressing it would have made me feel worse.

It is okay to be sad sometimes.

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Weather delusions

Like delusions where you control the weather?

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I actually thought my playlist was being manipulated by the voices to send me messages, i actually thought satan put this song on my shuffle to communicate with me.


I had the same thing, where the youtube algorithm and spotify were conspiring to send me messages. I still think some of it might be true but idk

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Sort of

Feeling like sometimes my state of mood has an influence on the weather.

Did you get that that too?

Sometimes I still get caught in that delusion but I don’t know… You see? I still feel maybe sometimes my mood has an influence, amongst everyone else’s mood too but sometimes I feel my mood has a quite big influence :smile:

But other times it may be someone else who has a more big influence.

I wish I could have children. Or a child.

But I don’t know if it is the right decision.

Anyone feel the same?

Yeah i want kids, but i worry about them having to go through what i have been through, though :confused: . But having kids would be fun, and it would give my life a purpose and meaning it doesn’t have right now.

I also thought i could control the weather through feelings/moods/willpower. Honestly looking back at it, i think i was always schizo in some form or another.

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My life has purpose now but I feel it may strengthen my purpose.

The world’s a mess to some extent atm thou so I feel in one respect is it fair to bring a kid to this world? Not just on the kid but on me too

Oh okay I think maybe quite a few sz thought so LOL. :joy:

But it is an annoying delusion cos I always look out for major weather on the news seeing if it connects to my mood. It is so weird of me! And just potentially very schizophrenic and grandiose :joy::joy::joy::crown:

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Maybe you are a mythological weather goddess or something lol. Anything is possible i guess…

But yeah i thought that i could bring in storms if i focused on a certain feeling i was having. More than likely i was just feeling a certain way because of the weather. Still it is kind of a cool power fantasy to have

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That’s a clever point that I never thought of before.

Like how the moon can have an affect on things. I think :thinking:

Thankyou for sharing. It makes me a bit more open minded.

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Lol yep for sure.

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