What rises ''status''?

well what enhances ‘‘status’’?

000 :stuck_out_tongue:

a personal chef.

a winter and summer home.

pictures taken with the president haha.


Being stable and “together”. Not always trying to seek approval, just being confident in your ability and worth. That’s the foundation.

Steadily build spiritual and material growth on that foundation and you’ll gain status.

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a yeap of money and a wife

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maybe winning the lotto

Nothing high-status about winning the lotto.

Most lottery winners lose everything within 5 years anyways, it’s because they have zero financial discipline.

Being a confident and reliable person will raise your status…anywhere, anytime.

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Having skills 5555555555555

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  • A secure housing situation
  • A pretty wife
  • Similar friends
  • Gold silver juwels
  • Unique personality or experiences

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my sz enhances it

Status is a social construct, and only fools seek status.

Some might say status comes from wealth, others street cred, or experience in special areas.
There’s no black and white answer.

bollox to too your statement

Being on birth control pills lmfao, I’m sorry.

A college education and a career.
Money and investments.
Secure feeling that you are loved and cherished.
Plenty of leisure time.

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