Fortunes rise and fall/times change

Do you agree that fortune rise and fall,time change too.If your lucky for 10 years,you will be unlucky somewhat in the future.If your unlucky for 10 years,you will be lucky in the future no matter what.10 years is just a example of time frame

Does that mean for every day/wk/year I’ve suffered, I’ll have reprieve for that amount of time? If so, I have 20 years of smooth sailing ahead!

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No guarantee, just a thought in my head

The ebb and flow of life. But, I’d say that you got to put the time in. I worked a sales job for 4 years while dealing with sz. Everyday I dreaded going into work because I knew how uncomfortable I’d feel and how that would relay to others. But I did it day in day out and now I work less and can choose my own schedule.

Good things happen to those who work at it. You may have years of bad luck, but if you stick to your principles and keep at it eventually things will turn around for you.

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Luck is not something that is present like that and just goes.

To feel lucky you must be put in a position to get the ‘buzz’ of feeling lucky

It may be absent because you’re not placed to have enough variety of things that would seem like it was luck!

Give yourself some credit. Luck isn’t always as such. Some things are down to you and your actions, and what seems like luck is your reward for trying something out

Some people die before they reach ten. How does it work for them?

If they have lived on,they might enjoy the 10 years if they previously suffered for 10 years before they die.They might have a really awesome 10 years,well liked,respected in classroom and achiever,but they died because fortune change

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Don’t take it seriously just a thought

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Remember, the trend is your friend. When fortunes rise, they keep on going up. Think of Elon Musk.

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I think it’s more a matter of “karma”. You get what you give

No. I believe there’s a lot of discrimination against women and they are forced into poverty because of it. Men in my family didn’t have to live in poverty, except my 2 brothers, probably because they were raised by a single mother.

lol totally agree.My believe is untrue

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