What people really think

bad things-

  • they think we are useless crazy people that go about acting weird and annoying people

  • they think we are jobless, no-hopers who havent got a clue about the real world

  • they see us and think we are stuck in our own little world and that we should just grow a pair of balls
    and act like a normal person

good things-

  • they do want us to get better because a) they dont want us to suffer b) they think we should work like everybody else

  • the want us to leave the house and live independently

if you can think of anything else please reply :slight_smile:

this is just a generalisation on my part so if you dont agree with what i have said please feel free to say what you dont agree with and vent your opinion, take care x


Real people: they want us to become independent enough to not bother them with things they cant understand and just fit in with the rest of the world long enough not to embarrass them.
Be nutty on your own time, in other words.

Medical/pharma people: they want us to be a good role model. Seeing them every month for job security without becoming a liability. Take our meds as often as prescribed to keeps profits up and us functioning.


In my view, too many people in general have distorted views on schizophrenia and what it is. Hollywood and the media have done the damage already - too much stigma is flying around.
The public does not know the daily struggles we have to endure. Caregivers do so much and suffer along with their loved ones, and many support and give so much of their time out of love. I just wish many people knew the truth, it would make our lives so much easier


I agree with the generalization, it does seem many people just want us to be normal enough to function and leave them alone so we don’t go around in our own little worlds. My father in law is t.e perfect example of this, he thinks i should do all the things he can do. That i should get a job, support his daughter so she can take care of his wife and younger daughter all day.

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thing is that they wouldnt like to be in our shoes,

if they had this, if they had our heads for a day, our minds, i think they might think differently.

i would tell them- its not our fault, do you think we asked for this? i dont want to be this way!

this was the last thing that i wanted and it just sort of happened, i couldnt control it

they should see things through our eyes,


I seem to be getting the cold shoulder from my family.

People leave me alone. I feel they don’t want me or that I have nothing to offer. To get anything I want or need, I have to take the initiative. Even if I reach out, people don’t answer or come back too late with some sort of laconic or non-committal answer.

My family values me as a unique individual. The rest of the world - I don’t let them know that much about myself.


I think that people experience things on a different scale. More or less. Good or bad. At some point in life most people have experienced hallucinations, delusions and negative symptoms. It’s easier to not acknowledge these things when they are not happening all the time or are happening in small ways. I think educating people is very important.

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I feel what people think about me is how I think about myself. Before I was kindhearted, family loving person, confident, and attractive but had extreme negative personalities taking over my body. Almost everyday they called me labeled me whore, bitch, faggot. I don’t know where they got the ideas behind these names that is why i think they’re extremists and are upset at me for misguided reasons. Sometime when your mind is weak you are suceptable and become brainwashed with such nonsense. I began to think people will think of me in this way and I think some have. I hear negative comments about myself everyday. I just pray I will find peace of mind. And have the “voices” leave me alone.