They think we are bad people!

they think we are bad!!!


what can we do to prove to people that we are not as bad as they think?


doesn’t pindar say for every good thing you get from the immortals like life or whatever you get two bad things?

I thought that they just thought we were defective, crazy, wacky, etc…

Hey daydreamer, could you give us some examples of the “badness” that you say they see. Thanks.

I know they might think where psycopaths that were the ones that are dangerous. We must tell them that they are wrong. Disprove the stigma and labels. This comes out because they fear us and don’t understand us. They call us mental and crazy.

I have a hard time with this one only because of the “They” idea.

I’ve had a lot of empathy from strangers when I’ve gotten none from certain members of my own family.

I guess if you mean… “They” as in the people who don’t support us… or are toxic to us for any reason… then I’m in for the plan.


i think most people think schizophrenia means ‘psycho killers’ with axes trying to break down someones door or someone who could do anything bc they are unpredictable, or out of control, they don’t see us as having problems and they probably don’t even know we can take medicine for it,

the ‘they’ part is basically the people that stigmatises us @SurprisedJ sorry if i didn’t make that clear.

I personally am not comfortable telling strangers or even certain family members about my mental illness - even if I mention bipolar, I have to be careful.
I dont open up to people and try to explain the details of my illness. I dont have pure bipolar, it is probably mixed in with some schizophrenia - most people would not understand, I know this for sure.
I do know what you mean @Resilient1 and I do think that many people confuse schizophrenia with psychopathy - they think that we are like the main character - Norman Bates in the movie “Psycho” - so sad but true

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i think this thread was supposed to be more about what we can do to make people see us in a different light, i,ve been thinking about talking openly about my story and spreading awareness of this disease bc i think that that might help, there must be more we can do in our area to spread the news that we are not all bad, we are actually less likely to cause trouble on meds as the average joe but nobody see’s that they just think we are dangerous but i’m like ‘i couldn’t hurt a fly’ lol.

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My ponder on this… for now…

People know I’m NOT anti-psychiatry and I’m NOT anti-meds… But at the same time… I’m not saying it’s all perfect the way things are now.

For a long time… the medical professionals put all of us through the same paces in a way and (amazing) get a lot of the same results… and then we all just seem the same… reacting the same way to the same old treatments.

But lately… new ideas have been coming in and new meds… new therapies… With that… hopefully different results… better functioning… quicker regain of insight… will be noticed and that will help break down the stigma.

We personally can advocate… get our stories out…

For years and years it’s been something no one want to talk about. I understand not wanting that stigma… but the silence does nothing to help show people that this illness is not like in the movies.


These ideas won’t go away any time soon but we can help by trying our best to live stable lives and striving to be good people. We might not change everyone’s minds but those who know us will see the truth.


So who are THEY?


the ones that stigmatise, the ones that don’t know any better and the ignorant, the ones who have all these preconceptions of what a sz person is like, axe wielding, blood thirsty and everything that we are not they think we are which is not very nice. if they only knew what it was like then they wouldn’t judge us, no-one should be judged on this earth.

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind. ― Bernard M. Baruch.


A lot of stigma due to the misunderstanding of the illness. The social acceptance rate is rising at a surprisingly high rate. Don’t think that it doesn’t matter what people think on the issue because it does. Awareness and understanding is what creates change. Only God can judge you

I think they are bad people to.

Actually some believe SZ use knives instead of axes. Others believe they are super strong… I have heard the term “he’s crazy, and don’t mess with him, he’s got ■■■■■■ strength.” They somehow equate SZ with super strength and retardation at the same time.

But, most people think SZ are supposed to take meds, and if they are having noticeable problems they are not taking their meds.
Also, many people think SZ are all automatically on meds…for instance the second they hear you are SZ or SZAB they ask “Are you taking your medication?” I’ve had that asked of me. Then they come up with assinine terms like “He is SZ and not on medication…” using that against you, even when the person is doing fine without meds, or doctors don’t put them on meds.

Stereotypes and delusions…that’s right, society has delusions they believe about SZ.

They could give me strength if they felt like it.

I could even snap some chains in two.

I don’t know the ‘they’ you are referring to, but people can get super strength by adrenaline rush. When SZ people exhibit this strength they probably have more adrenaline pumping into their system, coupled with dopamine and everything else that can give strength and energy.

Spirits can also give extra strength at times, so in those cases ‘they’ would apply.

A little experiment I did in the 80s showed that music can give extra strength. When weightlifting I could always do more when listening to hard rock/metal like AC/DC or Metallica than if no music, or slow music was playing.