What no sex education did to me in the 4th grade

So I’m saying you have to be married to have a baby and my classmate pipes up and says, “No you don’t. My sister has a baby and she’s not married.” The teacher looked a little put on the spot but had to agree, you don’t have to be married. That left me totally confused.
Thank goodness for present day sex education.


My sex ed teacher was an old pervert, she told us she like to eat dick cheese and taught us how to use condoms on a dildo, everyone in class was given a dildo lol


Weird! That’s not even talking healthy sex.


She was also our religion teacher at the same time


Haha that’s funny


How contrary of her.


@PinCushion I remember my sex ed class from elementary school was about getting periods, wearing deodorant and other puberty stuff. Nothing about the act of sex.

And sex ed in high school with a bunch of immature freshmen boys was about as annoying as you’d imagine. Obviously we talked about the act of sex then.

We didn’t get dildos. Instead we got bananas. My school was cheap haha.

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I lived in the rural south during sex ed time.

We had “abstinence awareness” class instead.

Didn’t teach us about condoms, that you can get free birth control at the clinic without a parent’s permission, nothing about actual sex.

It was all just a slideshow of horribly diseased genitals and a promise that this would happen to us if we fooled around.

As a result we had one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in the entire country.

At one point my best friend and I were the only girls in our homeroom class that weren’t pregnant.

It was a serious disservice to all of us.

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My sex education started at home before grade one. Be thankful for boring sex ed.

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