Lack of sex education traumatic


When I was in my twenties, sex education in the schools was just being debated. I wish they had had it when I was in school. I didn’t know a ■■■■■ from an udder when I was a kid and was troubled and getting hurt by not knowing.


Agreed up to a point. I don’t think they need to teach 12 year olds what fisting is.



You would have had big problems if you lived on a farm when you were a kid.


I wish I DIDN’T know what that is, lol.


All the farm kids out here are pretty savvy about ‘the act’. Also fairly blase about it.



I’m sure if you had to supervise two cows getting it on to increase the herd you would probably learn about it pretty quick.


Until about two months ago- I thought a reach around was when you put your arm around a girl’s shoulder and grabbed a boob. I had finally bothered C enough that he told me what it was. I am very, very glad I did not look that one up online.


My sex education went like this: parents told me what sex was when I was six, because my older cousin said “our parents had sex” and I was like “what’s sex?” I didnt completely get it, but I got enough and told my friends about it. I was confused a bit as to what woman parts did, I thought that women peed out of there like I pee out of my sex organ. Later when I was ten my dad gave me a thorough talk again, it cleared things up. Then in junior high at the ■■■■■■■ catholic school, they just told us not to have sex.

Oh boy. Now I am 21 and have had casual sex with six people in less than a year after making up my mind that I wanted to lose my virginity. Now I think I am a bit of a sex addict, it’s my favorite thing aside from knowledge-knowledge is power, so that counts for both of my favorite things. I am power oriented. Power lifting, making A’s, being dominant in bed, ect; my therapist tells me that I am power oriented, he is correct. Oh and I’m bisexual, I started off with a girl and then ditched her for a guy, have had a couple of female ahem lovers or whatever you call people you have sex with and four males in my sex life. My therapist gives talks on evolutionary psychology and sex, he deals with divorces a whole lot, and let me tell you, the leading theory as to why women take so long to have orgasms and men take a few minutes is shocking.

I denounced my faith in Catholicism and refer to myself as an atheist. I just see sex as a need and have to have it to feel balanced. I would pursue relationships but the people who I meet just want casual sex, no one has wanted to actually date me, I’ve even dated a guy who I was a casual partner with months before and he basically played hard to get and it pissed me off. I just have casual partners these days, I had romantic sex for one weekend with someone who didnt know I was schizophrenic, and when I later told him that I was, he dumped me, and it made me relapse. That was bad, now I tell people up front that I have this.

So I have a problem here. All of my friends have relationships except for the ones who I only see on breaks because they go to different universities. I third wheel a lot. A whole lot. I have been on lots of first dates, sometimes the person just doesnt cut it for me and sometimes I dont cut it for them. A fair number of first dates have ended in casual relationships, no other “dates” followed, just sex. Im sorry Im ranting again.

Geodon makes me last long in bed, but doesnt cause ED. It’s actually pretty fun. Wait, thats a lie, it’s the most fun I have ever had in my life, and that is why I am so fixated on it and think I might be addicted to it.

I had a thorough sex education and got my hands on porn when I was 10. I hit puberty early, I was masturbating at 10 and everything got bigger and I got hair and was a heavy hitter in baseball. I would bat fourth to clean up the bases, I usually hit a triple or double, a few home runs. I practiced with my dad a whole lot. It was traumatic to know what sex was and want it starting at such a young age. I was 20 when I finally got busy. It was a shitty decade full of frustration and mental problems. I hadnt even kissed until I was 20.

Now I am sort of a ■■■■? I mean I have rejected as many people as who have rejected me by now, but I still end up having casual sex.

That’s my story on sex education. Enjoy


hellmysex education was very traumatic our 50 year old eacher showing us condoms telling us the ins and out but that wasn’t the worst part at the end she said and trust me it get so much better as you get older and yuck that was so disgusting.


I suppose.

But in health class when they showed us that screaming bloodied fetus covered in filth coming out i didn’t like it very much.

Do your sperm a favor and flush them down the toilet.


You don’t want to wash the baby up. Your reaction is so totally male.


Your reaction is totally judgemental and sexist.

I handle the blood because I’ve got the first aid training.

My wife handled the diapers more often because they didn’t bother her as much.

I’m the one who cleans up puke because I can tune it out.



You are right, pixel. I was thinking of a male chauvinist and nowadays, especially, that is not typical. My apologies.


The schools I went to were infested with Christian fundamentalists. If you tried speaking about it they would invite you to an evening prayer meeting. :laughing:


I picked things up bit by bit. My parents never offered any information. (or school) By 16 I probably knew more that they did.


My dad gave me the sex talk at 12-13. I wasn’t a very good learner. The school book shop sold


We had sex education in sixth grade. We would learn some stuff in the classroom and then me and my friends would go outside at recess and laugh about everything we were just taught. I never had sex education class after 6th grade but when I was in Health class in 9th grade we touched upon the subject.



My story is similar, I used to rant and get pissed on and argue a lot about my poor rate of long term relationships in relation to my many sex dates.

Somehow, I grew out of it when I discovered that I as a commitment phobe trying starting relationships with other people more commitment phobic than me because of my own issues (ie lack of comfort with intimacy)

However my goal now is to date another healing CP and get mutual investment on the relationship. I’m afraid normal people wont get my “off” times and I do not want to get my partner hurt. I guess another CP may better understand this pattern.

I believe we sz are more prone to being afraid of commitment (many times unconsciously), I wish they’d made studies into this to back it up.