What news do you follow

I don’t really watch the news much, because it’s too depressing. And like someone has already said, they are always slanted one way or another.

There is no balance within one program, so I would have to scour several news outlets to get a full picture. Just not worth it for me


That’s exactly what I do - I scour several sources to get a full picture of what’s going on


I follow CNN 24/7

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I ask myself why so many depression stories. Perhaps they are trying to prompt compassion.
Tonight I thought maybe this is the best “diet” for a healthy life and to conquer the hatred which is everywhere inside of people’s minds (so I believe).
Perhaps it has to do with managing hope, keeping it balanced, not too optimistic and not cynical.
The people who report the news must have thought about this.

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The local broadcast TV stations. PBS, NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX

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