News or no News

my parents fill themselves with anxiety every week following various news things about whats going on in the world.

I don’t follow the news at all, so I do not have any anxiety regarding the state of the world. There isn’t a lot I can do about it so I just focus on my own stuff.

What do you do? do you stay informed every week or do you just go about your life and live?


I’m plugged into the news :newspaper:

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I don’t watch the news

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i didn’t pay attention last week when i was on vacation. most weeks i listen to talk radio that covers topics of the day. and then the 8pm news and 10pm news here on tv.

i used to avoid news like the plague. through my 20’s, the only news stories i really remember are hurricane katrina. i also remember the financial bailout and paid attention a little during obama’s first term. i think i would trade in my current life for a more active life like my old one.

hopefully i won’t have time for it in the future, sometimes you can predict what the market will do based on current news. like i thought the protests would make the market go down, but it went up. i think most investors are worried about coronavirus and another shutdown of the economy.

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I try to avoid the news but my husband watches/listens to it constantly. I guess one of us should pay attention to what’s going on lol


I just read corona statistics and sometimes read the google news that popup in chrome on my cellphone. I prefer technology and computer components news.

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We watch the news a lot. I like to know what’s going on.

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I go back and forth with the news.

Some days I’ll switch my radio over to the news station and get my fill of chaos and pandemonium.

Other days I just leave my radio on the pop stations.

I can only handle so much news.


I watch the news because i cant focus on other shows

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I am constantly watching CNN all day long, 7 days a week.

I make room for other non news related shows during the evening hours.

I’m semi up to date on news and current events, at least enough to know what’s going on. Right now I’m on my political journey to find out what I believe and who I’ll vote for. So I generally just read about politics and economics, but not so much current news.

I love politics, not so much right now, but in general I’m into it. So I stay up to date on current events.

does it make you anxious to take in so much news? considering majority of reports are of bad news?

No cable news is not so bad.
The local news is much worse.

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I’m personally too consumed by the fact that I have schizophrenia. I’ve just lost interest in whats going on in the world and other things. I just dont bother to watch the news that much. I prefer to live under a rock.


I don´t watch news from my country, but I do watch USA news. They are pretty “entertaining” nowadays.

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No News or Radio for me…I have a tendency to personalize and read double/ triple meanings into the information stream.

My brothers tell me I’m not missing much…mainly all Trump and Covid-19.

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I just read Yahoo News once a day. I used to like Fox News but that was when I had satellite Tv.

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