Do you watch TV

I have not watched TV in the past six months. I do not watch even news. This yesterday’s Saint Petersburg bombing was totally surprising to me when I read some Internet news in this morning. Saint Petersburg is so close, but still so far from me. I was there when it was Leningrad in 1989.


I listen to music until 4:00 PM, then I watch TV (but I’m in and out of my office).


I watch Hulu and Netflix and only when I visit my parents do I watch actual TV…

Wow, another bombing. This is terrible. I learn most of the current world news through this forum.

“Do you watch TV”

I don’t watch TV. makes me feel more paranoid. I watch youtube videos of people playing video games though.

surprised, since you are usually political, eh?

Hulu and Netflix, but I couldn’t process any entertainment media stuff for a long time before I started to recover.

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my tv is on all day long stuck on one channel but i am usually not watching it


I do not watch TV news, but sometimes I look at news on the Internet, I enjoy looking at Siberian Times, funny news sometimes, half-naked people doing downhill skiing and so on.

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I watch TV all day…

What channel is your TV stuck on all day?

I watch CNN all day long.
I like to be connected to the rest of the World.

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I don’t watch TV myself but my wife watches CBS all day and then channel surfs in the evening.

I also watch CNN but only in the evenings, and sometimes later in the nights until 2 or 3 am

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I watch the news on youtube. I get all my news through facebook or through bookmarked tabs for stuff like frontline (pbs), cnn, and I subscribe to stuff like the raw story on facebook so I’m always getting news in my feed.I love to stay connected, but I have my preferences over how to connect (i.e. my preferred news outlet)

I don’t watch the news on tv, though. I don’t watch tv shows, either.

I watch youtube, amazon video, and pbs, but that’s mostly it.

Very tragic about the recent attacks. Heart goes out to the people.

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Yes I do Anything Educational

FX im glad its on this channel tho because all the good action movies and my favorite tv show comes on it

No I don’t watch TV. Personally, I can’t stand it.

Take care :v: