What meds does everyone take?

I wan’t info!

Meds and dosages below please and thank you!

How well do they work and how fo they make you feel?

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I’m on seroquel 600mg. All it does is help me sleep. Doesn’t really help paranoia and delusions… going to see if I can start something along with it to help the voices and delusions of reference and paranoia


Knocks me out though. Sleep great on it. As soon as I wake up though I’m back in the hell of my mind. Paranoid, voices, fear. My dreams seem more real than real life. In my dreams I’m the person I was before schizophrenia. If only I could live there…


I am on a depot injection, 400mg of zuclopenthixol decanoate every 14 days, it’s an old typical antipsychotic that isnt available in the US, I think prolixin is the closest thing to it In the US. I also take 4 mg of melatonin for sleep and 50 mg seroquel IR, and 20mg of Lexapro in the mornings: I have taken about 10 different antipsychotics and a lot of different antidepressants, mood stabilisers and benzodiazepines, I can list them all if you like. Thanks!

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Abilify Matiana 400mg depot shot


I get a monthly injection of Sustenna Invega - 156mg.

I’m taking 200mg - Wellbutrin for depression.

I have really bad insomnia right now and have tried a lot of medications for sleep and nothing has been working so far. So Ive been prescribed Mirtazapine - 30mg but since I started taking it on a lower dose I’ve put on 7lbs so I don’t know if I want to continue taking it.

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Latuda 100mg at night
Trazodone 50mg
Benztropine 2mg. Until he takes itaway from me

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I don’t know the doses to all of mine. I just started Austedo for TD, and I am on 6 mg/ 2x daily this week, but we are increasing it weekly until I am up to 21 mg/ 2x daily. I am on Fluvoxamine, but I don’t know the dose (Maybe 50 mg? We are increasing regularly.). It is for OCD. I also take 10 mg/ 2x daily Saphris, Risperidone (don’t know the dose), I also take sleeping pills, meds for migraines, pain pills for fibromyalgia, and a few other things. It’s just a lot.

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Haldol decanoate 100mg every 4 weeks
Perphenazine 24mg
Cymbalta 60mg
Klonopin 1mg
Ativan 1mg
Gabapentin 1200mg
Benztropine 4mg

They work alright. I like the perphenazine but don’t like that I have zero sex drive while on it. It’s a bit annoying.


Vraylar 3mg
Geodon 60mg
Benztropine 2mg
Lithium 1200mg
Seroquel 200mg
Klonopin 1mg PRN


How do y’all get your doctors to give you klonopin. Mine are totally against benzos no matter how much I suffer.

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Just depends on the doctor. If your clinic doesn’t prescribe then you’re not going to get them.

@Wolfe My doctor prescribed me Diazepam 5 mg/ 3x daily, but I only take it as needed. I used to take it every night, but I weaned myself off of it. I have never had a doctor decline benzos. My only suggestion would be to ask nicely and explain why you think you need them. If they say no, trust their judgement. You can always try for something like Buspirone that is not a benzo but is supposed to have a sedative effect.

Invega 9mg
Depakine 300
Anxiar(lorazepam) when needed
And Trazodone 1/3 of a pill

10 mg of Abilify daily.

10mgs Zyprexa zydis wafers. At night once a day.

300mgs Effexor Xr…extended release. Mornings once a day.

I’ve been on this for well over a decade. I am quite happy with my life. I don’t work but I volunteer and am on a pension. I help out a sporting club where I still play. It keeps me busy and these days I’m doing really well adding some decent exercise. Wish I’d done that sooner!

Fluanxol 20mg every two weeks.
Its the lowest doze possible

Haldol 20 drops I take it three times a day
That’s means 2mg a day

Depakote 500 mg

+Pros: No more crazy mood swings, no more intrusive suicidal thoughts, greatly decreased occurrence of depressive episodes, when they have happened they do not last as long and do not get as severe

-Cons: I do still get depressive episodes under a lot of stress (but see above, they are shorter and less intense), when starting gave stomach cramps occasionally but this went away, it gives me loose weird colored stool and makes my pee a weird color too

Modafinil 100-400 mg a day (depending on how long my day is sometimes I take less)

-Pros: Can actually focus on things, don’t feel constant powerful urge to sleep, functioning drastically improved as motivation has gone up and it is just easier to do things when you don’t feel heavily sedated all the time, this med is literally my most important one in regards to my ability to function like a regular person

-Cons: It is SO short acting, each dose of 100 mg only lasts like 2-3 hours. The dosing that works best for me is 400 mg/day, but I find my skin gets very oily at this dosage because I think it basically totally cancels out my birth control, which is also a con it makes most birth controls questionably effective, I also get heart palpitations and a few times tachycardia, even chest pain at this dose (though that’s only been once) , also have to be very careful about med interactions as I have had to go to hospital before because of the accelerated heart rate from taking it with things like cold meds with pseudoephedrine

Rexulti 2 mg

-Pros: Psychotic symptoms practically nonexistent, and this is literally the best AP side effect profile wise I have ever tried

-Cons: Under certain trigger situations I do still get some symptoms, but they are very very mild and brief, mostly just like a demon or other character will chat to me for a moment then be gone. Messes with my sleep if I take it too late in the day. Mild dry mouth.

Seroquel 12.5 mg, originally 50 mg (I’m weaning off it)
-Pros: Helps me fall asleep at a reasonable hour and when I want to, helps with my overactive bladder

-Cons: Reduces sex drive by I would say 60%, so sexual stuff just is nowhere near as exciting and is more of a side hobby rather than a physical need, somewhat reduces sexual feeling, causes endless eating while it’s active and I’m sleepy, super vivid dreams when starting on it that could be very upsetting when nightmares

Ativan 1 mg (I haven’t taken this in AGES-just haven’t needed it)

Pros: Stops me from feeling paranoia, helps with ptsd anxiety attacks, helps me stay asleep (my natural sleep is very disrupted even on seroquel)

Cons: I gain tolerance so quickly

One other med I will recommend for those with akathisia is propranolol, 10 mg. Totally takes away akathisia. No cons. I am not on it now because none of my meds give me akathisia thankfully.


0.6mg haldol.

Effects i am most happy about: I am stable enough mostly, it allows me to work and care for my son and be happy at times instead of thinking i am evil and doing selfdestructive stuff.

Effects that bother me most: emotional blunting, not being able to access my real thoughts and feelings and thus solve the real issues, fatigue, cognitive damage, weight gain.

And breakthrough symptoms because of the low dose, sometimes i feel psychoticly depressed and have to up the dose.

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Paliperidone 100mg depot and sertraline 200mg the paliperidone has removed all positive symptoms the sertraline has helped my depression moderatly. Overall I am flat and not very motivated but I am emotionally stable and not experiencing any psychosis.