What meds does everyone take?

Aren’t you to young to have TD?

500mg of clozapine…relatively happy / content on it👍

2mg of Ativan twice a day (4mg)
And mitazpine 7.5mg for sleep

Geodon 2x/day (AP) and Wellbutrin 1x/day (depression, suicidal urges). Sarcosine 2x/day (supplement that aids cognition).

Abilify 1x
Fluoxetine 1x

I’m also taking things for physical ailments as well, like hypothyroidism, cholesterol…

I might just order some Sarcosine, to see if it helps clear my head.

10mg Haldol
20mg Celexa
2mg benztropine
50mg Doxepin

Am on 325 clozapine
25 mg atenolol
60 mg of seroxat

Clozapine has side effects but also good to help me sleep
Seroxat helps my mood and motivation and anxiety
Atenolol for side effects of clozapine
I am pretty stable now

Risperdal 3mg
Depakote ER 1,500mg

1200mg lithium
400mg Clozaril
20mg Buspar
5mg Lexapro (I’m getting off; down from 20mg)

Abilify 15mg once a day when I get up.

It raised my blood sugar so I’m on metformin for that.

citalopram 10mg at night

that’s it

Depixol 80mg injection

Invega sustenna 234mg once a month

pros: no racing thoughts, elimination of voices, reduced paranoia
cons: less creative, weight gain, sexual dysfunction, anhedonia

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Latuda 120 mg
sertraline 12.5 mg
gabapentin 600 mg
benztropine 2 mg

Also meds for blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol.

Zoloft 100mg
Trazadone 50mg
Invega depot once a month
Clozapine 150 mg

Does this count?

It is improving my mood :slight_smile:


Zypadhera 405 mg injection every 3rd week.
I feel ok nowdays and sometimes even excellent.

25mg Abilify per day, 200mg Lamotragine per day, and 2.5mg Valium as needed.

It’s olanzapine depot.It’s first time I hear someone to receive.Is it worth trying?

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I used to take pills version and i didn’t like it. Then when I started getting injections of this same med, I almost have no side-effects. Don’t know if it’s for everyone, but for me it seems working well.