What meds do you take?

Morning : escilatopram 10mg/romparkin 2mg/ 0.5 mg haldol drops

Afternoon : 0.5mg haldol drops

Evening : 1mg haldol drops / depakine 500mg

Every 13 days : fluanxol 20mg depot

Prn : xanax 0.25-0.5 mg


Abilify 10 mg
Zoloft 50 mg
Naltrexone 50 mg
Klonopin .25 mg
D3 vitamin 400 ui

Abilify 5 mg.
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I take Invega 234 every 4 weeks, daily I take tramadol, and pills for my autoimmune disorders.

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Night.225 clozapine
Morning 25 atenolol, 60 seroxat

Vitamins D
Garlic tablets
Fish oil

Invega 100 njection once a month
Depakine 300 every morning and evening
Lorazepam 1 mg when i can’t sleep

Zyprexa 7.5 mg in the morning
Lexapro 10 mg at night
Lamictal 100 mg at night

Also in the morning I take one Aleve for spinal arthritis and one 50+ formula multi-vitamin, and I take two Citrucel caplets with dinner.

Mornings: 1mg risperidone, 200mg Zoloft

Night: 1mg risperidone, 120mg latuda, 100mg lamictal

Mornings : Prozac

Evenings : Clozapine

Morning -
200mg amisulpride
5mg olanzapine

Night -
200mg amisulpride
5mg olanzapine
125mg lamotrigine (to be increased to 150mg)

Allergy med,


2mg Risperidone in the evening. :slight_smile:

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25 mg Abilify per day.
200 mg Lamotragine
2.5mg Valium PRN

800mg Amisulpride per day

5-10mg of Haloperidol per day prn

Up to 20mg Diazepam per day prn

Only including drugs re mental health reasons
Lithium 600mg 2xday
Clozapine 500mg 2xday
Lamotrigine 250mg 2xday
Concerta 72mg morning (I think that’s the right dose)

Invega Sustenna- 156mg monthly injection.

Wellbutrin - 100mg

Clonazepam or Benadryl for night time.

Invega 159 mg three weekly
Lithium 1200 mg
Multivitamin m
Trazadone 200 mg sometimes 300mg
Levoyxine for thyroid 25 mg z

invega tablets and benztropine

Mornings - 1mg Risperidone, 10mg Lexapro
Evenings. - 4mg Risperidone
Bedtime. - 0.5mg Klonopin

Invega 3mg/day
Etinilestradiol pill
Trazodona 100mg