What meds and dosage are you on?

What medicine brand and dosage are you on?
Doing well,ok or not so well?

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Invega palmitate 75mg,
Escitalopram 10mg

I wonder if anybody uses the Medication category on here.

My combo is about right, but I worry about this venlafaxine,
mixed reviews.

Good call, @Daze. Moved to medications.

I take 20 mg Geodon in the morning, and 60 mg in the evening. I also take 10 mg CBD oil in the morning and evening.

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Fluoxetine 60mg
Seroquel 400mg
Procyclidine 10mg
Depixol depot 200mg every 3 weeks

Ps if I was only allowed one of these meds I would choose depixol in a heartbeat

For SZ, Latuda 80mg. I also take meds for high blood pressure, high cholesterol and metformin for weight loss.

12 mg of Invega. That’s it.

800mg Amisulpride
20mg Procyclidine
200mg Pregabalin
10mg Diazepam
50mg Levomepromazine

Amulspride 100mg
Queitipin 25mg.

I don’t like saying anymore it makes me uncomfortable unless I feel the need to say.
idk why, I think I feel like people will think I will relapse

Is it gonna be like 5mg abilify or 1mg risperidone? Lol

lol, not saying :grimacing:

Well I did go to 1mg risperidone and relapsed, learnt my lesson


metformin does it help for weight loss?

Not noticeably, but I guess I would gain slightly more weight without it and it prevents diabetes by lowering blood sugar.

200mg amisulpride (although I’m technically supposed to take 400mg but lowered it to 300mg then 200mg which is minimum dose i can function on. If I relapse I take 400mg again which helps)

Also I take
5mg olanzapine and
150mg lamotrigine

Psych Meds: Haldol 20mg, Lithium ER 1125mg, Lexapro 10mg

Other Meds: Glucophage 1000mg, Lipitor 10mg, Synthroid 100mcg.

I take:

  • Ziprasidone 40 mg twice daily
  • Clozapine 300 mg nightly
  • Venlafaxine 225 mg morning
  • Diazepam 5 - 10 mg as needed

Perphenazine 8mg am then 8mg pm
Benztropine 2mg both am pm

156mg Invega monthly