What meds do you take?

Very low :slight_smile: happy for you

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@Catarina5046 Thank you, I take it for BPD. :3

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I opted no to take any more medication

Morning Effexor and Allupurinol for gout.

Evening. Zyprexa and crestor for cholesterol.

I pay for them.

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Wellbutrin and vraylar. I was on 6 mg vraylar a day but now Iā€™m on 10.5 mg vraylar a day. Iā€™m in the midst of med adjustment and seeing what the insurance will cover so we will see

Every 4 weeks 100mg of paliperidone

Evenings: 200mg sertraline

2.5mg olanzapine tablet
2.5mg clopixol tablet
30mg propranolol tablet