What makes you win the lotto

what makes you win the lotto :triumph:

Blind stupid luck.


Buying the winning ticket :smile:


how many people in the world won the lotto ?

I’ve heard that your chances of winning the lottery are less than your chances of being hit by lightening, but hey, somebody has to win it.

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Lol no surprise here. Lucky for me I’m Jewish so I’m cheap. And very conservative with money and wouldn’t blow it if I won the lottery.

Honestly I’d live almost exactly the same except less reliance on my parents.

I might sit around a little more rather than working but that’s about it.


I tell myself that the odds that keep me from winning the lottery are the same ones that keep my plane in the air. It keeps me tranquil about it all.


a ticket :ticket:
take care :alien:

I don’t want to win the lotto. Every dollar you win is someone else’s broken dream. That’s an arseload of bad karma and I’ve already had more than my fair share, thanks.


500,000 will do me thanks

Gambling is almost never a good idea. There is no such thing as good luck. If you play the lottery you are basically flushing money down the toilet. Keep doing it long enough and you are guaranteed to lose, even if you win the jackpot.

Also, don’t fall for the gambler’s fallacy.

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I buy lotto tickets when the pot gets really high in the millions but I know I’m throwing my money away? they say you can’t win if you don’t play…I only buy about 3 tickets when I do buy tickets.

I got lucky and won 20 bucks on a scratch off - I quickly cashed it in.

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This is going to sound crazy (yet look where we are) but certain numbers get picked more than others. Yes it’s all completely random, and that’s just the luck of the draw that numbers get picked more than others. Ever heard of toast always landing buttered side up? Or if you flip a coin one side lands more than the other? Same thing in the lottery. You pick those numbers and you have a better chance of winning. Not a great chance, but a better one. And once you know what numbers get picked, you have to think about what order they go in. Fortunately there are these systems called “wheeling” where you put in the numbers you want to pick, and it gives you every combination they could go in so you can buy your tickets with, which also increases your chance of winning the lotto. And if you want to increase your odds even more you can join a syndicate where the winner shares the winnings with the rest of the group.

I’ve looked into winning the lottery just by searching it. I haven’t played yet, but it’s all the stuff they taught me in school. Who knew they were teaching me how to gamble correctly?

I save money by not playing the lotto.
The only thing I bet on is myself.

Then I take the money I save and put it towards a vacation.