Who thinks I’ll win the lottery?

I bought two tickets for tonight’s mega millions.


i think you have delusions of grandeur lol


Best of luck @Tyme !

i bought two too. if you win tell me hi on the news well you.

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I give you a 50/50 chance since you have two

Good luck :four_leaf_clover::+1:

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You both hopefully win

did you pick your numbers or did they? iam trying the mega number as 13 or 1 what number did you get?

I dont play so no.

Yeah, you’ll win the lottery the day god steps down and lets me run the universe.

Oh wait then, you must have won last week.


I lost todays euromillions…I started playing a week ago. It’s addictive even though the odds are so low.

I payed £5 yesterday n won nothing.
That’s put me off

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Screw it I’m living wild this year. I just bought another one.

Shaking magic eightball


Crap I jammed the thing again. Sorry.

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I’m feeling like a big win is coming my way.

good luck 144141414

Stranger things have happened

I hope you do win the lottery!
Good luck!

Have I told you lately how much I care about you :stuck_out_tongue:

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I won now let’s all meet up. I’ll have some special kool aid for all of us. lol jk

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Hahaha! Let’s go sailing!