Buying lotto

I know it’s silly. But since I can’t manage to do some more meaningful things like reading, learning or watching tv, I’m putting my time in buying lotto.

I have spend a lot of time pondering if it is something I want to do. I decided that it is only about a small affordable amount of money and that it is an easy game I still find it manageable. So I’ll let myself buy a ticket to fill my time.

I have lost all of my life savings after the onset. I spend it all for the voices asked me to. If I can have a fortune, I wish I could have a replacement. So I’m experimenting with chance. I intend to buy lotto as long as I want to. I haven’t find other activities I can manage so well and have no problems in motivating myself to all the hassles. But i do feel empitness everytime when I find out someone win the jackpot but not me. So im looking at what it would take me to. What would u consider someone who buy lotto for life and never wins? Losing all the time certainly doesn’t feel good. But mostly likely I would end up like that.

My grandparents bought lottery tickets for the virginia lottery every week their entire life and won nothing. As long as you’re not spending a large amount of money on buying lottery tickets it could be a relatively harmless distraction. You could be spending your money on a lot worse. On very rare occasions I purchase a lottery ticket. I find it fun to fantasize about winning and how I would spend the money. Understand though, the likelihood of winning the jackpot is very rare, it’s much more likely you’ll be struck by lightning.

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I play online. Every few weeks they send an email saying something like ‘hey the jackpot is x millions tonight, you’d be an idiot not to play’ and I think ‘hey I’d be an idiot not to play’ and buy a ticket online.

Then I never hear from them again for a few weeks!

I know the odds are against it, but hey, somebody has got to win it.

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I used to live and work in a region where Native American casinos were abundant. It was widely understood there that casino gambling (including sports books) offered far better odds than government lotteries, even though the government lotteries were more “contributive to society” because they raised funds for schools and other services for citizens.

Fun costs money but it’s even more fun if and when you win some. I’ve had more luck with the computer generated numbers and they say that most of the winners only played one ticket.

yeah and it’s more likely to be hit by lightening if your holding up a lightening rod like in comparison to just sitting inside your house when it strikes. Odds don’t make much sense to me either.

I am buying some lotto tickets for the 173 million doller lotto.

I also play scratchoff tickets and buy the 25$ ones alot also.

I am just so happy!! I won!!! I like playing australian lotteries. Earlier I thought it was impossible. Don’t give up guys.

I thought about playing the lotto. If parallel universes exist, you’re bound to win it in at least one…eventually. So it might actually be worth it lol.

I put in a ticket in of a car at the state fair at the ks lottery booth. yesterday. play pick3 for 50 cents every day and pick me own numbers,

I see nothing wrong with playing the lotto as long as you’re smart about it and don’t get too crazy about it. I think it’s better than gambling because I think gambling is more addictive and more destructive.

it shore don’t get rich off it,

In probability, they say you have a negative expected return when you play the lottery because of the price of a ticket. That makes more sense to me than the Lightning analogy.

Also I remember reading a long time ago that two high school ( or college, I forgot) kids ended up finding a flaw in a particular lotto. They knew probability theory pretty well and were able to win lots of money by taking advantage of it. They ended up buying houses and stuff. Pretty cool, huh? Kind of paid off to pay attention in math class. This stuff is pretty rare though and gets fixed fast.

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