It finally happened! I won the lottery jackpot!

well, technically am lying… but I wish I could say that…hell… got my ticket for the powerball waiting for that win.

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Playing the lottery is a waste of money.


Buying one lottery ticket raises your odds of winning infinitely, but buying two only raises those odds by 50%. Might as well buy one ticket in case Fate decides to randomly reward you, but more than that hits diminishing returns.

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Have you ever thought about getting help with your gambling? You seem to do it a lot. I remember a story of yours about losing some money due to a dream. And not a small amount

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@Ooorgle remind me to call you friend one of these posts in future :smile:
Sorry all for the misleading title… but wow, imagine if I had actually won… mhmh mh … good day…
In fact, back in 2016 I got a dream I won… the dream showed three piano organ pipes… I like to think of those three organs representing 3 years - since this is the 3rd year, I expect a jackpot win before the month ends… yep… I won while counting numbers from the 3rd organ pipe…so ladies and gentlemen, you are in the midst of a million dollar man… because I will be winning the lottery before the year ends… mmmmmmhhhm

I don’t know man, a lot better working for a million in my book.

Numbers and pipes, it all sounds a little fishy. Smell tinny.

Howre you with your medication?

You know who knows a lot about numbers and pipes, is your Psychiatrist. They can help

Also tell them about all the gambling

I wish I could say that too… hell, I know that’s the truth… but am schizophrenic, and hell, I know I ain’t walking with Warren or Bill Gates anytime soon… so I like the lottery, it gives me a chance I’d never seek on my own.

Voices aren’t the only symptoms of the disease. Did anyone ever talk to you about delusions? Believing something false.
Thinking things are true when they might not be.

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to me, I’ve always measured my schizophrenia based on voices… and right now, voices are very rare - I still hear them, but not like you hear them or how I use to hear them back in 2018/2017/2016/2015/2014… and am not speaking from a delusional perspective… like I literally am not schizophrenic.

I’m sorry mate, But I think you need a Psychiatrist and medication. You don’t sound too well.

I can’t force you, you need to help yourself to make your life better, Not gambling on a delusion.

I’m sorry you’re suffering, I truly am, But I can’t help you if you refuse to see the problem here.

Please get some medication and therapy.

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@Ooorgle how you gonna do me dirty like that? I feel like am John Nash from that ‘A beautiful mind’ movie… being forced by a couple of guys in suits to go to a mental hospital ward :sweat_smile: