Do you play your country's lottery?

Does it help psychologically? I’ve put it in unusual beliefs, because the chances of winning are so low, but I’m convinced I can somehow magically pick the winning numbers someday.

Perhaps it gives people some distant hope.

I never have the guts to put my money on chance… I know it’s only a few bucks…

But I never have the guts to gamble anymore…

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Them dollars add up…

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Plus I feel super guilty… If I have $5.00+ to throw away completely…

I should throw it in the direction of the food bank/ homeless shelter that helped me when I was down.

The places that helped were charging the whole time.

Still if I have 5 dollars it becomes either coffee or alcohol

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a week or so ago i said to myself: “man im feeling lucky and the future seems bright. why not try the lottery perhaps ill win a couple of thousands? afterall i feel like im the chosen one for having had this illness and the voices” then i purchased a ticket that had all of my favourite numbers all over the place, including birthdates and other stuff. so i played… and finally after a week of excitement for my cash… and placing my hopes of living large… i won… 2,50€… while giving away 40€ for the ticket. THANKS MAN, I REALLY APPRECIATE YOU FATE THANKS.

:scream: that’s not cool. I cant’ even imagine that. Glad I live were I do…

The Unitarian food bank and the Aloha house homeless shelter have always been free to those who need it… they rely heavily on donation.

I’m not much of a gambler and choosing the lottery is a form of gambling.

I really enjoyed gambling when taking Abilify. @Patrick do you have that?
I rarely play the lottery but I go to the casino once every few months to try my luck. I love to eat there also.

Ive seen them at the corner store but im trying to get off a drinking/gambling jag.

Ive spent waaaay more gambling than ive gotten back.


No, I’m not a gambler, waterway. Although I do buy the occasional Lotto Max ticket when it hits the 50 million mark.

I know I have an addictive personality, so I purposely avoid Casinos.

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In the UK we have EURO MILLIONS and sometimes it rolls over to well over a hundred million POUNDS and I do have a flutter on it. I think it does you good as in terms of day dreaming “if I won” for a few minutes it takes you to a fantastic place. I doubt I ever will win but then I have as much chance as anyone else.

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I play quite often. I guess if you don’t have a ticket you won’t win.


doing lotto brings you hope :heart_eyes:
hope gives you something to look forward to…even if you don’t win.
take care :alien:


I play scratch offs at work(gas station) and always lose. :cry:


I heard playing lottery can help someone to increase hope