What kind of visual hallucinations do you have?

Hi I have a visual hallucination where it looks like there’s an object spinning out of the corner of my eye. I’m wondering what kind of visual hallucinations other people with schizophrenia have.


I see cats that aren’t there

Everything looks askew or distorted. Things look shimmery. I see shadowy figures. I see bugs scurrying along the baseboards. People’s facial features look evil.

I used to see people… mostly sexual. I once saw a lady with head blown off… sorry if it’s disturbing

I don’t have visual hallucinations.

One time, I saw two black and white pegasus horses flying around each other in a ying yang formation in the sky.

That was pretty cool but also a little disconcerting.

Used to see things like family members, people I know, and blood lining the hallway floors.

Everything looked like I was seeing it through like a really old TV screen-- kinda hard to describe.

One time, I hallucinated my laptop and started typing on it.

Haven’t had any visual hallucinations in a while. knocks on wood

I see a lot of creatures some of them are kind of cool though

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I used to see swirling tornado colors in my house , red ones green ones and blue ones. They’d just be meandering around the house.

I’d see weird floating blobs of color , or maybe a dark shaped cloud on the ceiling moving around. Random stuff like that.

I used to see a dog out of the corner of my eye often.

And closed eye hallucinations or in the minds eye

Animals, people, Colours etc

I saw Jesus standing on a street corner motioning me to come to him. I crossed the street against the red light and was nearly run over. At other times there was a golden glow. This is back before I was diagnosed and wasn’t taking medication.

If you see dots in your vision, this might be floaters not hallucinations. See a doctor.


Some look like heat on the road pavement or when you push a lighter without the spark-just the gas. others are flashes of dots of light in the peepheries. others look like ghosts and take shape as figures, theyre the ones that typically wake me up in the mornings. sometimes even skulls coming at me. but the creepy ones are the road heat looking ones, they fly around and bang into you aggresivly like a static shock producing a tactile hallucinations similar to that of myalgias as well. I tend to hear voices and when I ignore them I see it and then sometimes feel it when I interpret it as being mad at me.
& strangely recently even my dog even started hallucinating she be sleeping stuff all of a sudden get up and charge the invisable and bark at it looking like she has flies in her head. Idk im beginning to think I need a preist to come bless my room

Thats very true @laetitia, even if you see mini protozoa floating around. Both can be indiciive of a hyn disorder or deteriorating macula densa (which leads to blindness in later age especially when going untreated)

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oh once i saw all the stars in the sky connected to a grid. then they were attached with strings. and ‘god’ showed me how he could move the stars to different areas. it was crazy. i tried to show my friends and they couldnt see anything, they thought i was looney. whelp they were right lol.

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