What kind of stuff do you talk about with your therapist?

should i assume it’s the same for everyone?

me and my therapist talk about my job, how to improve life, things that interest me, a whole lot about my symptoms, social security benefits, questions i have, medication, politics and religion stuff that interest me, and stuff like that.

how is it different for you?

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Not politics and religion. One thing that was hard for me to talk about was my sexuality, Abilify made me hypersexual and I suffered for 9 years while on it until I said the truth to my psychiatrist.
He asked me how was my sexuality since year one but I was very shy and lied by saying it was ok for 9 years.

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She gives me tips on horse racing at Golden Gate Fields. Sometimes we play poker and talk about life before the light bulb was invented.


Big oof Aziz, I’ve tried to leave pride at the door. When my pecker stopped pecking I said right well this chicken doesn’t caw, and I value my Caw Caw, so lets get thinking.

Eventually it worked itself out, but I think my doctor took it seriously, and tried seeing if there were any drugs I was taking that had sexual side effects, and we worked through several until it worked itself out.

I know I’m being glib, but honestly, I was just blunt, it was something medically wrong with me, and I was talking to people in charge of my medical well being. They’re absolutely the people to address this stuff to.

I can’t stress this enough, medical people are people, yes they might find something we did in our predicament funny or something humorous about how something is said but thats on them to control those urges, and to be unfettered sources of help. Get the help they can offer you, because they have a means of putting things in motion that will solve your problems.


i talk about sz, stress, social anxiety, negative symptoms, frustrations, meds

I really open up a lot. I take it as an opportunity to learn so gotta be quite open.

My job mostly. How the medication is working. That’s pretty much it.

Mostly job, family, symptoms, frustration, leisure time, etc… I avoid politics& religion.

I talk about family, stress, emotions, and my day to day life. We don’t go into my past because I’m, as my therapist put it, a very now&future oriented person.

I just started talking to my current therapist, and the appointments are over the phone due to the pandemic. We mostly discuss my issues with anger, and sometimes my meds.

I just got a therapist only to find out she leaves in October.

If they replace her it would be a miracle.

I expect to lose talking therapy soon :confused:

I just started therapy recently and now it is being halted as apparently her colleague believes I need a more intensive form of therapy. So she needs to speak to my previous psychiatrist first before continuing. I like this. They are taking me seriously.

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