Is your therapist open about their issues?

I’ve been thinking about therapists and I know some of them ignore personal questions, maybe one of the reasons I like my therapist is because she’s open about her issues. She tries to relate to me and talks about her alcoholism which she’s recovered from and other stuff.

Yeah she talked about the fears she used to have. Like, going to a new places, starting a new job, making decisions and so.
Other than that, she seems perfect.

When I was in hospital 2nd time I saw a psychiatrist I had talked to once before. She had a breakdown and cut herself. For real. They put her in a separate room.
Wonder what ever happened to her.

Not mine.

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I feel like I can trust her by her telling me her issues too.

I’m thinking about moving to a cheaper apartment like half hour away when my lease is up. I’m gonna check it out soon. So i might have to get a new therapist. I think i would see this therapist and doctor once a month and then a therapist more local the other weeks. I really value therapy btw.

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One of my issues is a long term friend started shooting heroin four years ago. In the midst of it, the therapist’s elder son died of a heroin overdose. The therapist has been real with me, and I appreciate that!



“Like” for her being real with you…not for the heroin overdose.


My most recent therapist was open about her old issues…
The one that I used to see 4 years ago wasn’t that open…
The first one, not open at all…

Therapist’s self-disclosure is, or was, an issue that they need to think carefully cos it might interfere with the client’s progress. But I have an impression that these things are getting less and less rigid.

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My therapist is open a bit about things that relate…

She will bring up her anxiety battles and give me some ideas…

But she doesn’t really talk about too much personal stuff about herself.

Mine has ADD and has a collection of over 200 antique clocks.

The 200 antique clocks thing is a little crazy.

But I am totally crazy so who am I to say that having a collection of over 200 antique clocks is crazy.

What is it about clocks? I bet his house sounds like hell at the strike of every hour. Over 200 clocks chiming. That can’t be the case, he wouldn’t sleep if they were chiming clocks.

I am a French clock. I am high maintenance but I run so smoothly and precisely. But one speck of dust will screw me up. One missed pill is a big deal.

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My Therapist shares a little about her personal life, but not too much.

She never mentions her married life, we do talk about our diets and she does talk about her exercise routine etc…

She is a bit private, but this is professional.

I would not want a Therapist that kept her personal life completely open.

Sounds like OCD :smile:

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One of my psychiatrists, with a funny name like Oxenhorn, confided in me that he was unable to have children. This was the time when I began to find I was on an equal footing with my doctors.One of them was a Quaker. We talked about bloodletting as a form of medical treatment. He died of Alzheimer’s disease. One of them was a painter. We talked about her going to Venice with a group to practice painting over there. She had one of her paintings on the wall in her office. It looked like a big swirling pizza pie to me. My last psychiatrist I became quite chummy with. (I think this is the appropriate word.) He liked Allen Iverson and got his exercise playing basketball. He directed me to a Chinese restaurant where he often ate himself. He seemed to just keep getting bigger and bigger. He liked Penn (sp.?) and Teller on TV. He would go on vacation to psychiatric conferences (one in San Francisco). We would talk about that when he got back. He too went on vacation to Venice and other places. He was married to a lawyer and had a single daughter who graduated from college on my watch. I could not talk to this guy at all, or very little, and when I did it was in a very strained manner.