People with thought broadcasting

How old are people with thought broadcasting in particular?

Is the general consensus under 25?

Part of my delusion is that it will stop when I’m 25 and my brain is fully mature


Sup tiredout …i never had any thought broadcasting…i am still a sz …lyfe… sucks …why are u still not slepping …

Sorry dude. And my neighbours were banging on their walls really early this morning so I woke up and put music on instead so I didn’t have to listen to it anymore


Have some coffee instead…!!!

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I’m 21 with thought broadcasting. I want this to go away as soon as possible!!

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I’m hoping and praying it will stop when I’m 25, I’m so fed up of people saying snide replies to my thoughts in supermarkets :joy: But hey we have to remain positive, we are sent these things to test us!


Straight up I hate it. I attract so much attention that I don’t need like damn really. What’s your thought broadcasting like? Like what do you broadcast to people?

My thoughts really aren’t that interesting, I have some mild intrusive thoughts sometimes. It’s when people try to draw me into arguments and wind me up! That’s what I suffer with the most because it’s so hard not to bite back when people say stuff! What about you?


are you able to keep your mind quiet or is that voice in your head always talking or thinking? I feel you on that they always suck you into something you don’t even want to be in but our minds do that I wonder why? Mine are crazy wild like I have no control of them and it’s stressing cause I don’t even mean to think or say that makes me look like a bad person :frowning:

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Quantum consciousness is like sand, water, air or any basic thing like that. Gravity and light are kind of neat, and dimensions are neater, but really it’s all common humdrum stuff. You learn the sand, water, and air when you’re a kid. You learn the gravity and light as a young adult. All of that stuff is like bla bla bla when you’re an adult. Know all about it. Very dull.

Quantum physics is interesting because we haven’t seen it all of our lives. I suppose it’s a little like the interest in learning a new thing like computer coding. Consciousness is interesting too when you can talk to someone else about it, otherwise it’s almost a dead end road because its not what you see or do. It’s just you. Consciousness has a weird property like that. Quantum physics does too, and they are the same thing.

A long story short…once you understand consciousness in everyone and then you understand it from a quantum perspective, thought broadcasting and all of that is as boring and routinely mundane as water, air, and sand. Neato mosquito for kiddos not for the adults though.

But ya. It’s real for me. Don’t dare try to react to it though in this living dimension, or people won’t know what they heck. lol Quickly you’ll become the weird kid to everyone even as an adult. They aren’t access the same “dimensional feathers.” There are infinite of these quantum dimensions possibly in the quantum fuzzy stuff according to scientists, and when it collapses which it does all of the time all around, we get a single reality. That is the one where I can place a cup of water on a table, and you can take it, and drink from it. But inside it’s very different. It’s the same in regards to what outside we internalize through our senses, but there are infinite possibilities in our own internal clouds of quantum consciousness.

Therefore those broadcasted thoughts and all else are basically pretend to people that understand themselves and others in the most basic level of who people are inside without any understanding of psychology or quantum consciousnesses. Those quantum things are just sand on the beach of infinity. You don’t need every piece.


It’s probably due to the anxiety, I think it’s a reaction our brains have gone through due to the stress of broadcasting. Sometimes my thoughts will be involuntary but I always correct myself after and just reiterate when thoughts are intrusive or involuntary! That gives me a little peace of mind!

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Thank you for posting this, I knew it was something to do with consciousness and my thought broadcasting isn’t really that important in the grand scheme of things!

At first I thought it was very neat, and I worshiped it like an ancient religious artifact. I made it my life because I thought I had something like a magic.

Then I forgot how to see my thoughts the way I used to see them. I basically learned something new like a language but this was a way of interpreting my own feelings, thoughts, and things I saw, heard, read, and did into a kind of language that I couldn’t unlearn, and use the old way I was using when I was growing up.

Finally I realize that I am not seeing things correctly, but it is hard not to see them the way I had been seeing them. It still seemed to real, and it was still too stressful. At least I knew not to react to them anymore, and I could work and date.

Now I know that I internalize what is outside of myself into my quantum consciousness where many other things happen which can’t be externalized. Among these things besides ideas, feelings, and memories are these broadcasting thoughts. If you stood in front of me, you appear in front of me, but in my own quantum consciousness it is neither you nor even in front of me. It’s the internalization of the information about the physical presence of you in the physical dimension our bodies are in. So I’m “seeing” you there here in my consciousness, and I’m also doing very much the same thing when I’m thought broadcasting with “no one” or with someone that is in the same room for example.

When I react physically in this dimension to what I have heard from these thought broadcast interactions, I am always wrong and out of place. What has appeared in my quantum consciousness has not happened in the dimension I am socially and legally responsible in. Since it has not happened around me in this single, physical dimension where the quantum cloud of “fuzzy stuff” collapses into a here and now kind of thing, then I have to ignore it.

The problem was I was so bored, down, and out when I was younger that this was amazing, and I stared at it so to speak for a few years. I got too into it. Then I forget what it was like without it, and it became all I knew. I was a slave to it, and rather than simply reacting to people around me, and being responsible with work, bills, family, and friends, I became responsible emotionally and in practice to it. This is the case with all classical schizophrenics as far as I have learned.

I did not learn what it was for a long time though. I didn’t learn what I was or how anything could be in the first place or even how anyone else was consciously. Once I knew, I realized what it was I was doing in this thought broadcasting thing. Basically nothing, but something very small, insubstantial, and not applicable after all.


I write in different styles to explain things to people on the internet, so that sounds weird. I just realized it, and I have to stop trying to try these different ways of writing. It’s dumb to most people. :upside_down:

Please keep sharing your experiences, I find your posts very relatable and they comfort me. Your schizophrenia seems very similar to mine and your posts make me feel less alone.


:pray: (high 5)

Okay. Deal.

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I second what @lexicon said, what you put made a lot of sense to me!

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I was 23 when it started. It lasted for three years. I’m 28 now. But it was greatly disabling.


Stop saying that @far_cry0… you are conditioning your mind to see reality as something ugly. Reality is only a matter of perception, and we can train our brains to see beauty in almost everything.


What a improvement andrey …thanks man …cbt works…

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