Thought broadcasting

Hello I have schizophrenia and my only ailment or attribute for it is thought broadcasting. I have been doing it for 8 years and am very use to it, lately I noticed it makes me very tired I was wondering if anyone else finds it tiring. maybe I am listening to to much music and thinking to much and exhausting myself. I am of the mind that people can think in the world around them, I dont think anyone notice’s so maybe its tiring treating people like you can see color and they cannot. Or just bouncing ideas all day long gets exhausting. I treat it like a heartbeat and kind of have grown attached to it and feel like Ive accomplished something by talking to all manner of ways not letting it get the best of me and embracing it into who I am. Its home for me when my head is on from when I wake up until I go to bed. I never noticed it exhausts me before but I was just wondering if anyone finds being on all the time exhausting or if its just a phase. I think it would be more tiring to fight it all the time. than to learn and make up your mind about thought broadcasting yourself and treat it like a heartbeat and a 6th sense.


I hear you man.(not your thoughts) the telepathic perspective when applied to the self can be one of the most cleansing standards to live up too.

I honestly barely think anymore, and not focusing on mental ■■■■ only allows me to function better. It curbs the amount of hallucinations(messages from the others).

At the end of the day though it’s not real.

I’m sure you dealt with a lot of the same ■■■■ I have and don’t even want to think about it any more.

Anyways take care.


Been ages since I’ve done it, but found it totally mentally exhausting. Got sick of dealing with it in the end. So focused on more physical verbal communication with more well adjusted friendly positive people and did the trick.


well I think its real, its much more enjoyable if you give in to it and keep your fire burning. the problem I see that people have is fighting it and maybe you can if you fight it enough turn it off but when its itching and distracting in a certain direction the best thing is to focus on that then move on or that itch will pull your attention in. and keep a level head of awareness on your shoulders is what I have found I have to do.

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uploaded a new pic too btw a 3 headed cerberus pup :slight_smile: cheers

I get that but is not “real”

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I guess you could tell yourself that all you want if its easier to cope with, sometimes young as our world is its easier to sweep something like that under the rug and see the same way everyone else does. What makes something real, if its real to you then that may just be a basis for something being real. I find it as being real and something that could get the best of someone seeing as it leaves you talking to everyone but noone will acknowledge it unless they do it too. which I was hoping someone on here does too. and how it influences them and how they not just live with it but thrive. Feeling open to so many viewpoints I cannot just hear one (yours) and then tell myself its not true I feel it happening and have integrated it into my worldview so very much. and would like to talk to somone more open minded and someone who isnt hiding from life so very much.

What are you gaining from it? What have you lost trying to achieve this? What are you really avoiding by doing this?

I would be gaining individuality and Independence by following what I believe and making my own choice, losing nothing at the same time learning that not every person in the world is the same and overcoming an obstacle or what many people feel is an obstacle thought broadcasting, that lands people in depressive states and alienates them I would integrate into who I am and make the most of it. Turning it off isnt an option and meds have not worked so why stress about something so completely unremarkable and turn it into a bigger deal than it warrants.


you sidetracked my post too btw I wanted to know if people who do this find it tiring or if it was just me, I know fighting it is really tiring and embracing it seems to blend well. As I cannot turn it off.

and rather than lose something trying to fight it even if it wont go away I think I have gained by embracing something that I could have stressed out big time about.

How so? Delusions are just delusions ie not real.

You don’t seem to want to.

8 years is long time to be working on this. You seem to have been getting no where with it. So what have you lost in the process? Meds aren’t the only thing that help btw? Therapy, Alternative treatments, supplements. Ideally they work best all together.

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