What is your Philosophy

Personally I like to think of myself as a Stoic. Someone who can endure pain and hardship, without much thought of it. Stoic’s think about life and death and are interested in going through one’s life with as little as pain as possible.
What is your chosen philosophy?

Niche makes me paranoid a bit.

When I was a kid, I’d follow the Milo & Otis way. It was that everyone is the same on the inside. The dog was really deep down a cat to the cat. For the dog the cat was really a dog deep down.

I should know more than I do, but during my Philosophy class I couldn’t read without delusions of reference. It also just wasn’t staying in my head. That was the year that I had to leave school.

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I forgot all about that movie, watched it as a young child and it created my love of Pugs.

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It’s against a stoics code to have fun or enjoy anything. They were pretty negative which is probably why the movement died out.

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Oh and my philosophy is to process pain as it comes and turn it into strength and wisdom. That’s always my goal, anyway. Some pains were far more difficult and/or took much longer to process than others. I’ve still got a couple that are not fully processed.

“That which doesn’t kill you simply makes you … stranger.” ~ The Joker


I made a post about this earlier today… I mean my personal recent changes in my outlook on life and people.

Haven’t read much. Probably Mark Twain is my favorite Philosopher. I can understand him, too.

I think Stoicism isn’t that bad of a choice for those suffering of schizophrenia… do you incorporate its emphasis on reason or logic over ‘the passions’ as well, as the means to avoid unnecessary suffering? Maybe that part isn’t too noticeably Stoic in our times, for it seems to me this valuation is pretty mainstream nowadays. Nevertheless, one may ask ( in Stoical fashion :wink: ) does it show in practice, or is it merely preached thus? They would see practicing logic, exercising one’s reasoning, as some sort of spiritual exercise, for they sought to incorporate it into their thinking quite thoroughly and not just every now and then. Interestingly, for those with a MI, both Beck (CBT) and Ellis (REBT) have credited the Stoics as the inspiration or source of their respective psychotherapies.

No time to discriminate, hate every ■■■■■■■■■■■■ thats in your way - marylin manson…that pretty much sums it up because i hate lines at walmart and by extension hate every person in line in front of me…

I’m a skeptic. I follow the ancient Greek skeptic’s dictum: Nothing is certain, not even that. I enjoy poking holes in any argument. There are a few things that are certain, but not as many as we think.


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