Practing Stoicism

Have any of you practiced stoicism, like, cultivating virtues, embracing adversity, and practicing detachment? And did it improve your mental health? Did it change the voices speech and attitude towards you? Well I would like to hear anything about your experience as someone with schizophrenia and practicing stoicism? Also did your practice anything else?


I kind of blundered into a stoic life. Part of it is temperament. I don’t need a lot of possessions. I also practice a skeptic philosophy. I follow the ancient Roman dictum - “Nothing is certain, not even that.” I pride myself on my objectivity, but I do believe that we live in a concrete world about which you can draw true conclusions.

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Was it beneficial to your mental health?

I’d say so. When I see someone driving a great big SUV I don’t feel jealous. When I see very fancy houses I do feel a little jealous, but not to the point where I dwell on it. I am a philosopher by nature. I like the way I am unencumbered by possessions. It enables me to live an independent life.


Yeah I detach myself from emotions at times too that it has become natural. But sometimes I feel as it takes away the enjoyment of life. To what degree is stoicism harmful towards our enjoyment of life. I also practice minimalist but i don’t think it’s by choice. I feel uncomfortable with too much stuff.

It kinda helps even though i prescribe more to buddhist philosophy, the idea about letting go of what is out of your control really helps me


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