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This is a thread for anyone who’s interested in philosophy. Will be posting things related to the topic and hopefully we can have some good conversation too! :coffee:

Anyone here whose interested in it? Who’s read and can recommend some good books or resources for me to check out?


@Zwaynopolous I’d love to hear about what you’re reading about these days

@anon28667878 any thoughts you can share? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Reading a book about history of Jerusalim …

Interesting details you won’t find in Bible,about 5000 bc and following times.

It has 800 pages.

I only read 70,as bc of covid have no energy for more.

Ok now phylosophy quote I often say,and its from our poet and phylosopher…

“It’s not always truth that every man is creator of his happiness.
But it’s absolute truth that every man is creator of his mysery.
Only true misery is to be alone,sick,old and poor”.


nice quote man! I want to share this youtube channel with you its really great!

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Sophies world by jostein gardner is quite a good book about philosophy

Its been some 20yrs since i read it and its all about reality versus illusion

Katey xxx

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thanks @Katey ill search it up on youtube!

edit: looks like a cool book!

I do bible study most days. Studying about repentance and renouncing. Doing a word search. Hope all is well.


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wow i see, did you write that?

Cool thread :sunglasses: I’ll try to partake haha :smile:

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awesome thanks @AppleKidd im interested to see what kind of stuff youre interested in

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The only philosphy i know is the neverending how many halfs make one, not sure how to explain it. I’ll google it

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Zeno’s paradox!


do you mean zeno’s arrow paradox?

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Thats the one! Haha

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I think from a mathematical perspective, zeno’s paradox is that , the half will never reach the whole number

But idk what the philosophical consequences are

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Yeah I write gibberish

lol i see. theres a funny story i forgot who it was it may have been Diogenes

edit: ahh i found it
" According to Simplicius, Diogenes the Cynic said nothing upon hearing Zeno’s arguments, but stood up and walked, in order to demonstrate the falsity of Zeno’s conclusions"

the philosophy of mathematics is too confusing for me :stuck_out_tongue: i like to think about the basic stuff like how to live a happy life

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Haha fair play, i agree!

That being said, i think the consequences is that not everything is perfect. That you can still fall short even if a consistent effort is put into something.

That being said. One leap of faith is all it takes to get to the whole number! :sparkles:

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hmmm i see. you make a good point. Its easy to form theories that sound good but reality is sort of like a brick wall you throw your theories at. Most dont stand up haha. Try not to get bogged down by the details i guess. I tend to try to stay away from modern philosophy which i feel has become more like debating or memorizing past theories and arguing according to them. Thats not strictly philosophy to me love of wisdom. Because wisdom wouldn’t throw away all that’s good for technicalities and scruples. Theres a lot we can learn without letting small gaps in the data stop us… we can still see the big picture.

a scratch in the photo doesnt make it indiscernible