A philosophy that resonated with me

I know this may be off bases,
But this idea and philosophy resonated with me, whether it was 80% or completely on point, I hope you find this to be cool or helpful, and even if it’s not, it’s something that can be in your information stock.



Most philosophy is cool…unless your symtpomatic for a lot of folks! Saying that…it’s pretty cool and I can relate to a lot of it. My philosophical leanings are in the East but I need to read more philosophy. IT’s good you find these things on youtube…you can see a lot of university lectures online these days is cool!

Glad your thinking! That is important but don’t forget in that…it’s important not to forget living!

A friend in the struggle,



Hi @rogueone, good evening (here). Why you wrote your name in the last of post. It appeared in the top automatically.

He likes to write his posts like a letter…


hey, I’m a relic from a long time ago and just a creature of habit. I’m learning these new ways. On the old boards everyone signed off…nothing more too it really but will try and adjust!


My biggest problem with stoicism is that a world in which no one cares about external things is exactly the kind of world that would make everyone in it unhappy. The world needs people who care enough about it to want to change it for the better. Still, if you can avoid getting fixated on it, I think there is much wisdom in this kind of philsophy.

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You change it for the better because because practicing virtue gives you peace and happiness.