What is your pets like?

My pet is amazing but I only have her on weekends and if my mum can’t watch her, I’ll be getting her again tomorrow for a night and day, everyone loves her and she helps so much, she helps my mum with her depression and anxiety and when she gets her guide dog I will be getting her for keeps, she is getting old now though and has arthritis but she’s still doing OK, we give her pain meds and supplements for her joints x here is a video of her at the nature reserve on Saturday x https://youtu.be/EREyJQz_dL8

What’s your pets like?


I have a bengal cat roxy. She was my first pet (I got her when I was 5) and she is at my parents. I visit as much as I can. She has a personality of a spoiled princess. She’s VERY loud and vocal, and will have conversations with whoever for as long as she can. She is my best friend and I would die for her.

I have another cat called lucipurr (Lucy for short) she’s beautiful and super soft and fluffy and sweet. Kind tempered, has a very tiny mew. Shes very dear to my heart. She also licks my tears off of my face when I’m crying.

I have three rats, God, Yolandi, and Ninja. They’re all very sweet girls. Very gentle and loving. They love to cuddle and give me kisses. I love them very very much.

I saved a kitten over the summer. It took me over seven hours of going through prickle bushes in extreme heat. He was very tiny and malurished and was close to death. I took him home and now he’s my roommates kitten. He is a jerk. Likes to bite and torment poor lucipurr all day. He is a kitten though so hopefully he’ll grow out of this, and if not, at least he’s not my cat. We’ll eventually move and lucy will regain her peace and quiet.

I’ve never experienced pet death before. I am dreading the day because I love all my pets more than anyone else in the world. I am extremely hyper empathetic towards animals and I would do anything for them.


pets are awesome


My cat is a male, and he’s the most affectionate and sweetest animal I’ve ever known.

He loves to lay on me, be petted, he loves tuna (of course haha!) and he warms up to just about everyone.

I believe he is a rather beautiful soul.


her name is aural. female calico cat. little chubby . but very loving.

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I have three dogs, they’re all rescues.

One schnauzer, one mutt and a pit bull.

The schnauzer and mutt are little spoiled jerks,

I love them, but its ridiculous,

The pit bull is the sweetest most well behaved dog I’ve ever had,

Everyone loves him and wants to keep him.


I have 2 dogs. One, Barkley, likes to be nearby but only jumps in my lap for attention once a day. He’s my husband’s dog. My dog, Wolfie, likes to be in my lap all the time. He’s an attention hog. But I live him and love all the snuggles.


Well my dad’s dog Ollie always gives me a reason to smile. Loves tug of war and has a large vocabulary. Him and dad were in a car accident so he barks nonstop on car rides. I think dogs can get PTSD too.


thanks for asking, they delight me.

a shelter was desperate to place a kitten that had a rough beginning life it was sickly some hair was missing, ear mites. fleas,
while getting supplies for it, a desperate lady begged i take hers as well.

they play alot and keep each other company.

all healed up, very sweet and not much trouble. :slight_smile:

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My dog George is a Hairless Chinese Crested. Not the most attractive dog but has a wonderful personality, is loyal and faithful. They were bred as a companion dog and to assist invalids in their recovery as they are quite happy to just laze around all day with little need for exercise. He is very much a lapdog spending most of his time on my knee. I don’t know where I would be if it weren’t for George.

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I’ve a cat Charlie who is a darling little girl. She’s a talker too and does her own thing. She acts more like a dog than a cat so she’s a bit of a catpuppy. She’s 17 years old and has a slight limp from an emballism years ago but she’s a trooper.


I love my dog. She’s a corgi. She was always very strong willed and sassy. She would follow commands only if something was in it for her, lol. But she was incredibly smart and often ended up training my mom or other more easily manipulated family members into doing what she wanted to do! She was also very friendly and loved people, (wasn’t ever too fond of dogs though, especially ones bigger than her and could get snappy, but she did make a couple small dog friends in her time) though little kids could sometimes make her nervous if they were too grabby, and if anyone was rough with her or tried to mess with her she wouldn’t have any of it. Fierce. She’d always run up to greet whoever came to our house. She had tons of energy and loved to run and run around the house, chase balls, go on walks and swim. Very very loving despite how infuriating her stubbornness could be, and how naughty she could be. Would follow us around all day always by our side, when I left for school she’d lie outside my bedroom door until I got back.

I say all these things in past tense because she is now nearing the end of her years and it seems most of her personality has left her. She keeps to herself, sometimes we can’t even find where she’s gone off to in the house, and sleeps most of the day away. She doesn’t care about visitors or anyone anymore. Doesn’t really play, definitely doesn’t run. She’s probably completely blind and nearly completely deaf. She used to love pets and attention and now seems indifferent. It’s really very sad for all of the family to see her like this.

Oh and how could I forget my rat, she lost her sister this year. She is a very sweet girl, wouldn’t hurt a fly, but very timid, startles easily. She’s very cautious and hesitant around strange people but much more comfortable with me and loves to sit in my lap and give me kisses. She loveeees Cheerios. She always impresses me with how intelligent she is. Domestic rats are wonderful and charming little things. My family complains she’s boring because of how shy she is, she hides a lot, and doesn’t like to be held or pet. (She tolerates it from me but doesn’t let anyone else do it) Her sister was always more confident and sassy and would lead her to try new things and meet new people so I think it’s harder for her after her loss.


i have two guinea pigs, one is very friendly if somewhat shy and well behaved, i can sit him down in the floor and walk off and he wont go very far, i don’t have to worry about him at all, the other is more rambunctious and likes to bite at things and explore and run off and is more aggressive to the other one so i have to keep them separated. the friendlier one is a rusty brown color with bits of black and the more feisty one is white and orange and very fat, im not even really sure why because i feed them the same amount and the other is skinny but hes obese.
i also have a pig, she’s solid black expect for a streak of white in her tail hair, shes incredibly intelligent and is an extreme creature of habit and never forgets her routines or things she expects like a treat after she uses the bathroom. she eats almost anything and loves food more than life. she’s scared of people other than me and to a lesser extent my grandparents, but the bad thing is she can be aggressive if she senses weakness in others, especially little kids, and from reading i’ve learned pigs do that because they’re trying to move up in the piggy totem pole, and they think if they can displace you they’ll move up in the hierarchy. she doesn’t try to challenge me though
i also have a dog, technically my grandparents dog, she’s kind of aggressive and isn’t used to being handled, we’ve all been bitten by her. she’s half chihuahua/half dachshund but is much bigger than either of those breeds normally are. she’s pretty old (11 or so) but acts like a puppy still
i have an outside dog that used to live at my moms, he’s some big mixed breed dog that was originally a gift for my step dad from my mom, he’s very dopey and friendly and likes jumping up and down like a kangaroo in one spot.
i also have three dogs at my moms, one is a small white dog who i saved from death but he worships my mom instead of me, one is a very old dog we’ve had since i was like 4, shes the friendliest dog ever, she’s boxer/blue heeler mix and is like a reddish color. the last one is a long haired chihuahua who just…showed up one day, they let him in, he stayed. he’s cock eyed and rolls over if you talk too loud, we think he was abused before he got him because of that and how he cowers when you bring your hand towards him. hes incredibly smart though

I have two cats at the moment. One is a bit on the touchy side. You can’t pet him too long or he will get upset and bite you. The other is the sweetest kitty in the world. He will even let you pet his stomach :slight_smile: They both love each other too. That is so nice. They play fight all the time. So fun to watch. Both of them are on the young side. The touchy one is 2 years old and the sweet one is 6 months.


I’ve got a kitty named tiggy. He’ll be two in about a week.

He plays this game where you point your hand like a gun at him and say stick em up and he puts his paws in the air.

He also high fives.

He was a rescue kitty from the rspca. Easy to train though. Very motivated by snackers.


I’m motivated by snackers too! :smile:


I have a kelpie cross border collie and hes the most amazing lil guy ever!! Love him


I have a 9 year old shih tzu. She follows me room to room but sleeps more now with bursts of playfulness.

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He is a pip but I love him

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