Who here has pets

i have two dogs and three cats and i love taking care of them. it gives me a purpose to do things every day. they r affectionate and loving and always make smile when i’m down how about u?


yeah i have a staffy x she is about 12 now, and 9 chickens.
take care

I got two doggies and two kitties. The dogs are pretty chill. Chuck, the boy cat, is very sweet, he comes sits on my chest and purrs whenever I lay down on the couch. The other cat, Daisy, is kinda restless and is always on the move. Walking the dogs with my dad gives me structure in the evenings.

yes two dogs a westhighland terrier minus a leg we call her tripod and a year old labrador retriever called bernard i take him to training classes and might do agility with him and lov walking them and looking after them bernard got conjunctivitus the other day so we had to take him to the vets he REALLY doesnt like us having to put eye drops in. i know what you mean about purpose i got my westie as a pup i was drinking then and the fact that she needed me made me sort myself out a little if that makes sense.tc

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yeah I quit smoking pot to take care of my dog when he was a puppy (that and I was getting psychotic on it)

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I have a cat that I take care of. There’s another cat in the house that my Mom mostly takes care of. I used to have a dog, whom I loved, who died a year and a half ago. She was the light of my life. I think having animals can give you a sense of purpose, and a feeling of not being so alone, I know this was true with my dog–she was my best friend, she loved me sooooo much.

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I’ve had my dog Jackson for 12 years now. He is super obedient and affectionate. He sits beside me all day, and cheers me up when I’m not feeling well.

Plus, the responsibility of taking care of him keeps me grounded in reality.

I thank God for him every day :slight_smile:



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My wife and I have two kitties, a skinny black one named Raven and a very round black & white one named Harley Quin. Harley has a deformed paw that looks like a cloven hoof, and Raven will only drink running water so we have a cat fountain for her.(she still likes to drink out of the sink or the tub sometimes though) We adopted them from somebody she works with who didnt have enough time to devote to the two cats, as they have other cats and a daughter as well. We love them very much, I enjoy feeding them every day and petting them or playing with them. Harley will always come and lay by me to ask for pets when i’m feeling bad and laying down. These two cats are a god-send, they help keep us in good spirits with the companionship and all the silly things they do.

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I have three fishtanks a little lovebird boy and three dogs. Copper is a 6yr pit mix and very sweet Winni is a 3yr shepherd mix very lively and Hank Henry is 13yr old decker terrier we rescued from an abusive home. I love taking care of them they give me love and are my bestest friends.

I got a maple colored cocker spaniel named Maple. I watched her have 2 batches of pups. The father was a dog in our neighborhood that jumped our fence. Same father both batches as the pups appeared black and brown. Except for one had white on it. We gave all the pups away. Except for one we named Templar. She catches squirrels and eats part of them. She can leap up a tree several feet. She won’t leave Maple alone always biting her long ears.

Have a cat named bubba. He is deaf.

6 indoor cats. One is 16 years old, then four siblings that are 5 years old, and a newly adopted stray that is 6 months old.
They are not normal, more like children…love them all.

I don’t think i would survive without my adopted mixed breed dog. He helps me out when I’m not feeling so well. I like cats too, but was always considered a dog type of person. He is very loyal and protective, but is a marshmallow on the inside.

My sister put her fish tank in my room (I think so I would stay out of her room) I was able to put two new fish in.

So I have Blue Tangs, some Clown fish, Dart fish and some Spotted Puffer’s.

There is a hallucinatory cat that I always see out of the corner of my eye. I’m wondering if I got a real cat, would that make the imaginary one go away? But then, I don’t have to feed the imaginary one. Always a trade off…