What is your most common delusion?

We all here have had delusions, but which of them are the most frequent? (I hope this doesn’t get erased, I’m just curious)

Mine is that there is a microchip in my brain that tells the world what I’m thinking and people mess with me accordingly.

What about you guys?

All my unusual beliefs revolve around the occult.


What do you mean by that?

I still have a lot of mystical thinking, but I’ve learned to like that part of myself.


Being possessed, being “aware” of things I can’t see or hear, etc.

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I’m a powerful government man. :upside_down_face:

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my most common delusion

is there ppl TORTURE me remotelly

this is very negative and bad affecting on me
and really spoil my life when i m on this delusion !!!

this delusion sometime make my life like hell
becoz of negative ideas i have at these time!!!

but thankfully i m taking my meds and i know mentally ill person …sometime i tell myself to become sane person now!

then i set myself free from this delusion and hallucination!

That the world is watching me.

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I had a lot of religious delusions.


I have a delusion that @LevelJ1 wants to hop in a hot tub with me.



Its also not a hot tub without @ozymandias :sunglasses::partying_face:



Let’s get this party started.

:sunglasses: :joy:


My most frequent one is believing im not human in some way. But ive also had literally many hundreds of different delusions.


My most common is that the water in my shower is contaminated. That is full of bacteria and poop and that showers make you so much dirtier than just not showering. I get tactile hallucinations after i do shower that is like thousands of bugs and bacteria is crawling all over my skin. Its bad and i end up going 2 to 3 weeks between showers.

I haven’t had a delusion since like 2016 maaaybe 2017… but back then it was the “I died in my sleep and this is purgatory” delusion.

Grass is going to come up and pull me into the ground

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Apocalyptic delusions i guess, end of the world type situations…

Mine is religious in nature. That im the son of lucifer. Yet he is a good guy. Its ongoing. But most days i can push it away.

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I get to have delusions that tell me there is no way I can survive the life which is very cruel to me. It makes me believe I have nothing to do better. Also secretly hate my marriage for not being able to adapt to it.

Being followed, being framed, the police, the government, poison, curses, making things happen with my mind.