Does anyone else have this delusion?

For a long time now I have this idea that the majority of the world speaks telepathically with one another and even astral project while awake to watch people and “do things”(I’ve never figured out why they do it) Anyway, this delusion bothers me because it’s like everyone is okay with one another and I’m an outsider and it really bothers me because this delusion has me wrapped up tight and I hate it… However the only thing that breaks this delusion for me is like what about murders and rapes and whatnot, why don’t they stop those if they can see everything. And also, I figure there would be some sort of information on the deep web somewhere about this but have never found anything. Does anyone else suffer from this delusion?

I had this delusion at one point. I thought it was like every was enlightened and I was the only one who didn’t know. Good thing it’s not the case.

How did you shake the feeling?

Well it went away with time along with looking at it reasonably. All of the ■■■■ that goes on in regular life, there’s really no chance that everyone is somehow consciously connected with one another on a level like that. The world would just be a different place.

Yeah thats a really good point, I’ve thought about that as well like, the world would be way different. Thanks for stabilizing my thoughts even if just for a moment. I need it cause the place they put/allowed me to go in is insane and the repercussions are too much man

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No problem man, glad to help. What kinda place are you in?

Like personally or area I live in?

Oh you meant the place your thoughts put you in. My bad I misinterpreted that.

lol No thats what I was asking you. But I’m in an apartment complex in Texas. It’s not bad, mostly quiet

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I used to have this delusion of telepathy, yes. I used to think that whole rooms full of people used to speak telepathically to each other about me and all of the thoughts would be very bad, evil thoughts about me. It used to drive me batty. It was pure torture. No other word to describe it. I am so glad its over now.

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