The Classic Delusion: Thoughts Broadcasting

So my thoughts are 100% private, right? I’ve had this delusion so badly that any thought that crosses my mind, any internal monologue, and visuals or use of my imagination, causes me discomfort, sometimes physically. It’s hellish. My thoughts are not being broadcast to the rest of the world 24/7? None of you can routinely/regularly perceive anything going on in my mind/head/subjective experience?


I have zero access to your thoughts. I am only privy to what you share on the forum. I am sorry you have to deal with such a burdensome delusion. While I don’t have thought broadcasting, I do have constant and chronic disruption because of my delusion. I feel your pain.

I get intrusive sensations very severely. It feels like other people and the world around me have more control over my body than me.

Nope, can not tell what you are thinking.

I had something like this issue, but it was a little different, I thought I was saying my thoughts out loud when I was not saying anything. A med change sorted that, but I suffered with it a long time before changing.

I have had experiences where I absolutely had no control over myself in any way. I was being controlled inside and out. It’s horrible. It’s scary. In addition to that I get the intrusive thoughts and feelings. Lately, it has been tolerable but I know 'they" are still there. I am always scared.

I once had the delusion that I was talking in my mind to others and hearing them in my mind. I’ve never thought people could hear my thoughts but I’ve thought they somehow found out about all my worst secrets.

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I’m to the point where pretty much any sensory input whatsoever causes me discomfort at best. Pain at worse. Especially car noises. Woof woof, right guys? If this isn’t hell, I’d hate to see what is.

No one knows what your thinking. You have schizophrenia. It’s all in your head and no one else’s.


I have had a hard time recently thinking Social Security was reading my thoughts from the letters on the paperwork they gave me. That the words on the page contained thought reading devices. :sunny:

perhaps its your when im riding in the bike lane and a police car goes by i hear the word sidewalk

I have no idea what you’re thinking until you type it here.

I have the same thought broadcasting delusion. Whenever I’m out in public it seems as if people are talking out loud making snide comments towards me. I have mostly come to realize this is all in my head although it can seem so real. I also can feel my body physically react to the what I think and hope are somatic delusions. I am currently trying to treat it holistically. I feel as though my body is connected to the voices in my head and when I defeat them or win small battles I feel better physically. I have the delusion that everyone on earth is listening to my thoughts and criticizing me about negative things I do in my life and punishing me unfairly/unforgivably for things I have done in the past. I am on an injection and like I said treat this holistically but I still suffer daily from thought broadcasting.

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This phrasing was especially helpful.