What is Your favorite tYpe of pickle?

I love pickles sooooo much.
MaYbe this autumn I’ll make my own pickles for next Year.

MY favorite is beetroot pickle and also there is something that looks like a cucumber but it is much skinnier and lighter in color. Don’t know what it’s called in English?

I also really like the mini cornichons.



I don’t like pickles. :face_vomiting:


Every once in a while I save the pickle juice and jar and put stuff like cherry tomatoes and green pepper in it to pickle them. Mixed results, but sometimes they come out really nice.
My favorite time was when I saved a dill pickle jar from Sprouts that had a lot of chopped garlic at the bottom. We used stuff from our little garden on the side of the house and it was quite magical!

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I don’t really like pickles in general. But, if I had to pick one, I’d pick Kosher dills. That’s my favorite.


I went through my pickle-liking phases years ago. Every few years I would “re-discover” pickles and eat them for while and then stop for years again. I think I had those sweet little gurkin things about 8 months ago.

When I was a kid, from about 9 years old on, me and my friends had a game that was called “pickle” or “hotbox”. You could play it on a baseball diamond or in your front yard with three people. You needed two baseball gloves and a baseball and something to use as two bases.

Basically, you have two bases set about 20-21 apart. One guy with a glove is guarding one base and the other guy with a glove is guarding the other base. Then you have a runner. The idea is for the runner to start on one base and try to steal the other base. The guys with gloves objective is to tag the runner out. It’s a simple game and me and my friends played it endlessly.

You see in professional baseball the rundowns can happen when the base runner gets caught in the middle trying to steal another base. In major league baseball, they tag the runner out 95% of the time in a rundown. But in “Pickle”, it’s possible for the runner to go back and forth stealing many times before getting caught.


fried pickles!!


The word ‘pickle’ always reminds me of Scrubs:


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