What is with all the brainwash?

I think about this imposed standards by American pop culture about how a young person should be.

I mean do I even like having casual sex? Drinking and drugs? Partying all night? Being a so called free spirit? As American new pop culture is about… I could not tell you as the idea is not in my taste, I prefer quiet, deep, meaningfull stuff.

The problem is I was into to much American pop culture stuff when I was a kid and somehow it put a print on me…

What if there right and we truly will miss those things in our Thirty’s, should I do them now in my twenties?

This can be the illness talking convincing me that I need to do this stuff… i would lie if I say it dosent sounds somehow fun for some people, but I don’t like this kind of fun.

Guess that I’m still trying to figure out what to do with my life, as a young guy who puts the social norms under a question mark


That is a no good, just correct me if I’m wrong

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You know what? I think you’re awesome for questioning it. You like something of a deeper, more meaningful measure. You’re a head of the rest. That’s great. Don’t second guess yourself. You don’t have to wonder if you’re missing out, you just bypassed a lot of bullsh*t that you never needed in the first place. Good for you.


As someone who did all of that…you won’t miss it. More regret is spent on wishing you’d done something better like going to school, working, saving money, maybe taking trips to see the country or world.

To hell with pop culture and so called norms. You do you. Be happy and be healthy.


I feel you like am i really missing out on what they call fun? I be thinking that same stuff. Truth be told idk i wasnt really partying and drinking before sz and now i sort of wish i can find something to do on a friday and/or saturday night but theres nothing in the area i live in thats interesting enough for me to go out. I say if u can find something just try it out one night or day. You can still have a passion for quiet, deep, and meaningful things and get out sometimes as well. If u do drugs becareful though same with alchohal

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dont consume pop culture mindlessly, think differently, maybe get out of the country, filter out the nonsense and garbage, create a barrier between yourself and messages which will make your reality harder, only let what you want in and out, keep evolving, read books rather than watching television, understand the concept of propaganda, understand that everything you are shown is prepared carefully or carelessly to impact your (and others’ behavior), unplug yourself from unnecessary ■■■■■■■■, develop a strength of character which is not entirely derived from some cultural identity, just some suggestions


I’ve always believed culture is not our friend

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I am 34 now, and I did not lead a typical life when I was younger, but I do not feel like I missed out on anything. I have never been to a club, never gotten drunk, never tried drugs or smoked. I never liked casual sex/ one night stands. And I am glad I didn’t do those things. I have a full, happy life. Pop culture is usually made up of fads anyways. All of that fades. When all is said and done, you still have to be able to look at yourself in the mirror.


à la Terence McKenna, no?

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Yes good eye lol

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