New generations

Go a little easier on the new ones.

They butchered our minds in certain ways.

It wasn’t natural for us what we were doing back then, and we didn’t know what was happening at the time.

We were sponges, unquestioning sponges, and all that the old folks did with most of us was let a television raise us, it was a drug to say the least that we can say about it, children aren’t wise enough to ward off a drug.

New generations, not what it looks like exactly.

It became a drug for the parents also didn’t it, seemed to make things easier.

I mean c’mon, we were thrown in front of a herion addict suicidal guy singing about very dark things over and over and over and over again, brainwashing.

Not to mention all the passive calories consumed when that little devil remote took people off the couch only to talk to the refrigerator.

I don’t really watch tv anymore. Too triggering. I used to enjoy it though. On a Saturday morning or for a little while after school…but didn’t really get into it till I was an adult. I used to love films but not anymore. I don’t like the people that make them and who work for them. They r child abusers and like most of the civilised world I don’t like that.

I watched all the TV I needed as a kid. One summer I watched TV all day - mostly game shows. Now I go for months without turning it on. I think though I should watch + listen more to PBS because I’m missing some really good things. Now with young people it seems to be movies…films.

The streets raised me along with the tv and parents. When one didn’t teach me, the other one did. One thing about tv and music is the false masks they wear.

Yes, diet was another thing, strange diets do strange things to children, i for one wasn’t getting a good diet.