How can i stay young and fresh?

…and do the popular things everyone else is doing?

this used to be a real concern for me before i got sz, i wanted to “fit in” in my generation and conform.

but i can’t! this forum is the closest thing i have to social media, i don’t wear cool clothes or have enough friends, im not punk or alternative, i don’t have my own cool style, i don’t go clubbing, am not really invested in college

basically i don’t identify with people my age at all, and i find that slightly unsettling, ive heard the term “millennial” thrown around before and i have a vague understanding of what it means, but i don’t think i fit the description

now to unify this, do you think sz has aged me or caused me to not care about fitting in with people anymore?

is this a social skills issue? am i just socially inept because i don’t know how to conduct myself around other young people? do i need to develop an opiate addiction? be obsessed with instagram and the gym? live in coffee shops? get tattoos or piercings? be a “hipster”? have some sort of radical political stance?

what is your opinion on this?


when i first read the thread title my reaction was "drain the blood of a virgin and drink it in the moonlight"
im not sure thats helpful, though


i never watched game of thrones so i don’t think that way, i don’t watch tv or netflix or whatever. im just not normal.

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maybe if i had a job and money to spend on things i would be more normal…get addicted to drugs or whatever. right now im just happy to watch a couple of simple youtube videos of comedians and laugh to myself. i don’t go to or care about movies

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No definitely do not get addicted to drugs.
You are a smart interesting guy.
Just be yourself! :slight_smile:

That’s what I say.


Your totally fine. Alot of people are in your shoes its called being an adult. Alot of peiple feel this way some will admit it some wont. Then you have those people who spend thier lives chasing after keeping up with the new stuff. I say just do what makes you happy. If you feel like seeing whats new see whats new. If not then hey there is nothing wrong with it. Just look at it this way. Their are rich people who spend money just to not be apart of society and technology. People pay to just be alone and without all this new stuff tthey have now.


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