Okcupid recent change

now you can filter search based on sexuality, and not just gender.

I swear that was not a thing, before.

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That’s a good change to make! Do you meet many people from OKCupid?

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no, because I’m a mentally ill dude. :disappointed_relieved:

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Fair enough, but it’s nice to look hey! Maybe one day you will feel confident enough to ask a girl out, I think you’d do just fine especially since you write romance poetry.


I’d rather wait for a girl to ask me out instead… :stuck_out_tongue:

or just chill and browser. :slight_smile:

Cupid is a crafty demon is he not?

You wouldn’t know it was a lie, not at first.


OK Cupid always had that option. That’s why I used it. It was the only site at the time that allowed users to be bisexual, instead of just gay or straight. Before joining OK Cupid, I used to have to make two separate accounts. One as gay, and one as straight.


are you sure? what i’m talking about is that I can actually filter my search for “straight women” instead of just “women interested in men.”

I remember, one time, I googled about it and they said that I would have to search by questions, if I wanted to be that specific.

yeah, the website is pretty cheery and cool, but it’s actually kind of cold. I deleted my account twice. the match questions are worded quite badly casual and give me hidden messages/ ideas. though my paranoid schizo makes me receive hidden messages/ideas from simple things everyday. :confounded:


Oh, weird. I’ve never tried that. I was never looking for straight women :wink:


and I rather not ask a young lady out, until I get a job. for now, I’m just browsering through profiles and planning ahead…

I’m not looking through profiles and jerking-off! :disappointed_relieved:

that’s not illegal, right? :disappointed:

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It’s not illegal, but it is super creepy to masturbate to dating profiles. Stick to porn, where the girls know that people will be masturbating to them. They at least get paid for their time.


that’s a relief. :slight_smile:

I don’t watch videos anymore… that’s a no go…

but I do agree that getting overly excited about profiles is super creepy. :smile:

I wouldn’t do it… and tell people about it… :disappointed_relieved:

that would be so weird, eh? :disappointed:

This type of date searching is mostly a numbers game…the more people you interact with the greater your chances are…

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Yes. It would be weird and creepy. Don’t do it, unless you want to be a creep. It’s a thousand times worse than porn.

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If you’re into masturbating to regular girls, and not like porn stars, try a camgirl. I recommend Harriet Sugarcookie. She doesn’t do anything crazy or hardcore, but she actually enjoys when strangers masturbate to her, and she gets paid for it. Or you could try chatroulette or something. Just make sure the girl is aware and okay with you masturbating to her.

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Is Harriet Sugarcookie a straight woman? :confused:

I don’t want to get baited though. jail’s not for me. :disappointed_relieved:

and I don’t have a job. :expressionless:

I have a thread about watching videos. we can talk about that stuff on that thread. but not here…

luckily I don’t get excited… and tell people. :slight_smile:

Harriet Sugarcookie? I love that name!

I want Harriet Sugarcookie on next seasons RuPaul’s Drag Race.

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ha ha u said ru paul

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She’s not straight, but she does a lot of hetero-friendly stuff. And it’s not illegal. She is an entrepreneur who manages her business on her own. She makes most of her revenue from the people who pay for her videos, but she has some free ones too.

I just saw a Sapiosexual person in my search results that explicitly ask for Straight women. :expressionless:

the amazement surrounding the new okcupid change was short-lived, folks. :frowning2: