Wtf is this. Every time. Why do they talk to me like this?

Was just talking to a guy. He asked if I like being single or miss the company. I said I would like some company but like my space too. He said

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Ugh. Bizarrely creepy.


Maybe consider changing tactics for meeting men. They all seem to be creeps online. Try meeting someone through friends at a party or through work. Or try a different dating site.


Men on most dating sites are just looking for hookups i.e. easy sex :roll_eyes: Unless you go for a serious dating site like eharmony or match or whatever you’re gonna get 95% tools.

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I agree with the others on here seems like he was trying to hook up with you for sex. Didn’t follow what he said that closely though. Also do you even read the posts of people that answer your posts? Just wondering sometimes it feels like you don’t.

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I love men but the fact is, a lot of them are sexual predators. They just are. Sad but true.

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Why you say that. I read but can’t reply sometimes to each and everyone.

Men can be creepy in person too. Was at my mom’s doing a lot of heavy yardwork and looking like it.
At dinner a guy knocks on the door and wants us to hire him to cut down some trees that need it.
Then he says to me (in front of my mom)that I remind him of someone, that I was cute and he’d like to come back to see me.
Bad dog.
No work for you.

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Oh it is no problem. I just had a hunch that you didn’t. Guess I was wrong.