What is this? Weird stuff but convincing: Thought Broadcasting

This is kind of jumbled.
Thought Broadcasting and other things.

I’ve another thread about this but I see a little more now.
I have upstairs neighbors who hacked me and brothers phones, computers and torture me daily with constant negative chatter beaming into my ear.
They’ve a sibling that smell, read and see “everything” that your eyes and mind can before it’s fully formed in the mind.
I can hear every now and then “we can see everything you do”
Supposedly they also have a CPU/phone that can pick up on what’s going on in a person head the same way as the sibling.
They share this devices sounds with others in the apartment complex.
They also share photos and videos around the complex of me and my brother - bathroom and bedroom.
They put videos on the internet of me in the bathroom and bedroom.

Everything that I do or even think of that is considered negative to them is mocked and ridiculed.
The freaky part is that it seems like it’s really going on.
I hear stomping every time they hear a thought that has displeased them.
I hear beating on walls and constant negative talk in the bathroom for 30-40 minutes straight and threats of death (gun pointed at me) while also reading my mind and getting negative feedback from it.

The apartment has thin walls and can hear people speaking about me 24/7. The voices seem to be very real in tone.
I can hear my voice repeated electronically in certain areas of the apartment.
In fact I hear many electronic “auto tune” like voices on certain occasions.

I hear screaming and crying from the teenage psychic sibling daily when he’s upset that I have a tablet or phone on.
When I eat they show displeasure (the sibling screams and cries). I got down to a very very unhealthy weight when I was mentally weak (could have died) if it went on longer.
They made up their own rules for me: don’t eat, don’t sleep/be in certain rooms etc etc.

They say I’m sick in the head for causing the psychic sibling pain by him reading my mind “how can you do that to a little kid”.
If I try to watch anything that has naked bodies in it he goes off like an alarm.

When I switch locations “hotel” “stores” “outside” the voices die down but are still there.

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It sounds like you’ve got some intense hallucinations there.
I assure you, there is no mind reading technology available, and your neighbours couldn’t care less what you do.

Are you on any medication?

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It’s very trippy isn’t it at the start. My voices also blamed me for being a mind reader! I think it was all real tbh and that some nasty people have gotten hold of special technology to do these things to people. Just the amount of similar experiences is not normal. I have recently got delusions of people controlling my thoughts but not voices. I had voices from 07/17 to 01/19


No not yet, trying to hold it together for another month until I get meds.

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I was living in an apartment when my voices, and the bullying began. Once I moved, a lot of the things I was experiencing stopped. I’m still not on medication either. If you can, I recommend trying to move. Apartment life is no good for people like us. I live in a small house now, and it’s done a lot for my well being. But I realize this might not be reasonable right now. And moving while going through this is a tremendous task. I’m sorry you’re having these experiences. Just know it is possible to get through it. It does get better.

It is possible. My experiences with mind control are similar. I don’t know what to believe in…I mean could it be external control?

I was convinced for many years that my thoughts were being read, that I was being controlled like a robot, etc…

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That your thoughts were being controlled?? I have that now

The thoughts were being controlled. But, the body was also under control. The voice would say, “walk”, and I would be made to walk even if I didn’t want to. I thought I was being controlled by CIA. That they were using machines in order to control me. I found a good deal of literature online regarding it (including a history channel documentary), but years later I realized that the same information wasn’t available on net.


Someone took it down? I wonder who. That happened with me as well. I had some symptoms before it all began and I googled them and what they had to do with mind control, about a year later the page I had visited was gone

Yes exactly. There was loads of information available which I cannot find now.

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What did this feel like? With me it feels like a foreign realisation. Soon I questioned every thought and action I was doing, even when speaking to family I’d wonder was I being manipulated to speak the words

I also had a very distressing moment where they took over the thoughts I thought were mine and also the ones I knew were theirs. I was having a conversation using thoughts that weren’t mine, going back and forth

Yes, that happened to me too. There was a cluster of things which happened in tandem. I was under control, I was taken to a strip club, and I spent a few thousand dollars there. This is what I remember when it began. After that, the control persisted for years.

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This happened to me too. It was as though my brain was under external control. Did you experience mind control?

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When did this stop? For how long did you have to put up with it?

It stopped when I got the correct medications.

I think it could be that we are just experiments.
If I had a machine that could control humans, and I needed subjects to experiment upon, people with SZ would be first in the list. You basically pick people who have the least to lose. So, I had the illness I believe, but it is possible that I was an experiment for a while.

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Of course we are! It’s true I had the least to loose before getting it,I had mild voices before hearing real voices. you talk a lot of truth there. How long did the thought control go on for with you before you got the right meds which they coincided the ceasing of it with

About 8 years is when the mind control stopped. I think I was let go.

I know this sounds crazier than the terminator, but I think it could be true.

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It’s all true freind. They told me in my thoughts it would go on for the rest of my life, so I’m questioning which meds would work or which they might consider stopping with. Can you list which ones you were on and the one that eventually stopped it?

Yeah, it could go on for awhile. I am taking Ziprasidone 40 mgs and Abilify 30 mgs.

I was on Clozapine but I had mind control (though limited). I have taken many other medications over the course of the last 10 years.

I know it is true, but those that are not being experimented upon, will think I am saying this because I have SZA. But, I am very rational right now. In no way can I imagine that the content of what happened is something my brain itself could do…

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