Is this thought broadcasting?

Hi so I would hear my brother insult me as if it was him saying it, I notice I am nervous of him insulting me, but I didn’t actually think of the insult (I don’t think I did anyway) so do you guys think this sounds like TB?

I think this is just intrusive thoughts

Did anybody experience TB?

It’s either a voice or thought insertion. Not thought broadcasting

I used to believe I could contact people with my mind and also that the voice could read my thoughts is this TB? Or should the voice be able to read your thoughts

The voice was reading your mind?
I had aliens reading my mind.
How the voice reads your mind?

I believed I was talking telepathically with two people. When I said the voice was reading my mind that’s what I meant, I was talking to the voice with my mind. Not same as TB?

The voice responded to my thoughts

Telepathy delusions are not thought broadcasting. With thought broadcasting your thoughts are transmitted to everyone without your consent.

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Oh ok I don’t think I’ve experienced that yet, I think I might have once though. I thought my brother could read my thoughts at one point I started talking to him with my mind. I think this is TB?

If one specific person reads your mind, i don’t think it’s TB. It’s telepathy delusion. I am not sure though. I had aliens reading my mind and I don’t consider it TB

Ok thank you. When you say they were reading your mind do you mean you were talking to them with your mind? Isn’t this just conversing with a voice

No, I wasn’t talking with them.
They just spied on me and were reading my mind. As if my mind had lost its limits and boundaries and was open to outside forces

Sounds like a mix of anxiety and paranoia, I’m not sure either though. Pdoc would know. I think my mind is being controlled by an external force and they proved it by making me feel a certain way or making me think of something only works when the voice is taking to me rhough

Yes, I had delusions of control.
You have only one voice?

I had two/three at the start but now I only have one. The voice said I won’t be hearin the other two again because I wouldn’t believe it was really them (constantly trying to convince me the voices are real) and i haven’t heard them either. It’s just this one guy who seems to be the orchestrator of this whole thing. I haven’t heard from him in two and a half weeks now, so I hope it continues.

I hear two major voices: Goddess Annette and Lucifer. And their minor assistants: Isidore and Louisa respectively.
The weird thing is that female voice has a male assistant and male voice has a female assistant.

Do you converse with the voices and are they talking with you now? Are they self aware?

I usually don’t answer back. Good voice answers instead of me. When bad voice says that I should die or kill, the good voice appears and defends me

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At least you have a voice in your corner. I’m constantly having in depth conversations with my voice, it always tries to convince me of delusions. It’s nice aometimes but it’s really a psychopath underneath it all