What is this? Weird stuff but convincing: Thought Broadcasting

Which medications are you on?

I’m on risperidone 6mg

Which ones have you taken? How long since all this is happening?

Iv tried high doses of haldol quetiapine and olanzapine. I had voices on all of those. Risperidone stopped the voices but I recently only started getting the thought control on it. Been going on since 2017, voices stopped in 2019. Stable for two years, now this…

Aha I can only wish you the best.

I don’t fully comprehend the details of what is happening, but it is definitely external. Now you have SZ too at the same time. You are just an experiment, and they may be trying to get you to the right medications by giving you symptoms.

This is what the voices explicitly told me all the time. That they are there to get me to the right cocktail. I would ask them to go away, but they said you have delusions, how will you know that you are treated…because delusions are tricky. You can’t tell them when you are having them.

for me it stopped also when i was on my current meds… but i think they don’t want to do anything to me anymore because i take their meds now… and maybe they will start again when i’m prepped enough with the current meds. I know they have a plan for me and they tried to push me before, with controlling me, in the right direction but it didn’t work so they made me like this so i would be put on the right meds that will give them more control later…

Yes, this is what they want. You to take medications and meanwhile they give you esoteric symptoms in order to experiment on the human mind.

Now they’re playing my thoughts on a speaker with the window open for me to hear it.
At this moment they’re denying it.

They say having my tablet interferes with them messing with a guy telepathically while beaming the audio in my direction, I can be heard on the other end.

I had the same thing, i don’t think its technology i think its something learned, something we are all capable of.

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