What is the state of your flat or house?

  • Very tidy
  • tidy
  • messy
  • very messy

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I would say mine is messy edging into very messy. I think it reflects my sense of organisation and structure.

I was doubting between messy and very messy too. I have one room with a great mess. Boxes and all sorts of stuff I haven’t unpacked yet or I never use. The rest of the rooms I try to at least keep clean. Whenever my son or someone else comes at my place, I clean it up. But I’m very good at making a big mess again very fast in between and very bad at organizing and cleaning up.

I have to much stuff, some has been leaving over the last couple of weeks, some I need to use before I get rid of it. its the way I live though so no worries. The life of a junk dealer :stuck_out_tongue: No intervention required LOL

Mine looks tidy, unless you look too closely. So telling…

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Mine oscillates between tidy and messy depending on my mood. Luckily, Mr. Star loves to clean, so it never gets too bad.

Mine is tidy at first glance, but I have drawers and closets that I stuff things into just because.
As long as my kitchen and bathroom are ‘sanitary’, I don’t get too excited about it, as long as the 3 rules are followed:

  1. No sharp objects left out,
  2. no sticky surfaces,
  3. nothing left out to stain (clothing or skin).

I’m obsessed with a clean house and I’m always cleaning, so I’d have to say “very tidy.”

We’re all down with the flu. Things need work. The home is … disorganized.

I get community care to help with the cleaning once a fortnight limited it to once ever two weeks so I’m not totally reliant on it. . Feel Like a total lost cause needing it. Think it’s all a case of needing more social contact more then anything. I’m so use to my manic/ocd moods to clean up but somewhat stable and no longer have them so feel it’s just so mundane. working through it all though

This is something my stepdaughter is going to arrange if and when I move near her.

Somewhat a necessary evil atm as the landlords down my neck otherwise. I also get on with the girl that comes round somewhat a laugh to work with. So not all bad.