Poll: messy or clean freak?

well with the negatives most of us are probably a little messy. but some peoples are mental about keeping a neat area. which are you?

  • yes im a clean freak
  • no im a little messy

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ha im satisfied with this poll. I knew we had some neat freaks in our midst. my roommate in college was mental about keeping a neat place. he was cool, just particular about things

I have my messy days and even messy months but ideally I like a clean tidyish place

Left to my own devices - super messy. My old place was like one of the places in a dirtiest homes type tv series . My stepdaughter makes sure I stay fairly straight here and I have cleaning help from the care agency.

I’m a recovering neat freak, I used to have my cd’s alphabetized and the canned food had an order and was all facing out. Now I don’t give two fu cks

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I’m a disaster, but I try to keep up with the messes because Mr. Star is a super neat freak. He does most of the cleaning himself, but I do my best not to add to his workload.

I used to be pretty clean, but now with depression or negative or cognitive symptoms (not sure which), it’s hard to keep up. It stresses me out because I can’t stand things being disorganized and dirty. I feel kinda trapped.

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I collect stuff I sell in the winter, so place get messy over the summer and I clean when its really cold outside and can’t work

Well, i personally don’t make much mess but i don’t have much motivation to clean. My patient partner does most of the cleaning. We’ve collected a lot of junk over the years. You should see how much is piled up ready to be thrown!

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