What is the point to life?

Is it to reproduce and then die?

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I think everyone has a different purpose. Some may be to reproduce. Some to further scientific achievements. Some to get us into space. Some to t teach others compassion. Some to look after the environment. All sorts of things.


I always thought the meaning of life is to be happy…whatever makes anyone happy…but i also think changing the world is a nice rewarding activity…but if world wasnt effed up we would not have to change it…so having changing the as world as meaning of your life might be a sick way.

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To be honest I don’t know :laughing:

I think some great thinker somewhere said that the purpose of life was to serve humanity. Personally, sometimes I wonder if people are worth making sacrifices for, but I still want life to get better for all humanity.

I didn’t realise there had to be a point. Maybe survival is the point.


just existence without purpose or point…

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Seems some people feel the needed to go to war which doesn’t seem to have any point

Before I got really ill a friend once told me that I was a survivor. I subsequently told my psychologist that I’m a conqueror and not a survivor.

I think those roles have changed again and that I’m merely surviving atm.

I use to philosophy a lot about the purpose of life but could never come up with something really worth living for.

If there was life after death well then maybe we had something to die for.

My belief on the point that of life is influenced by my religion. I believe I am purposed to live according to God’s natural laws as taught by Islam.

My own opinions on point of life besides religion, is to enjoy the simple pleasures of life and have a family.
I have my parents and siblings and my husband. And coffee, books and a warm bed. And water and clothes and food. And nature around me.

So that’s my purpose :blush:


I think if one want’s a purpose, they have to find that themselves. I don’t believe in any supernatural beings that somehow assign people a purpose.

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you’re supposed to be seeking joy. lot of joy-killers.

to be happy by helping others. :slight_smile:


Islam is not fair to women. for example they dont inherit the same amount of money as men do when husband dies. are you ok with sharia law?

To live everyday to the fullest.

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The reason why women inherit less and men more in islam is because men have a duty to spend their money on their wife and children and female relatives. Women don’t. So women have the right to use their money as they want but men don’t.

As for me Sharia law can be hard but I see the wisdom behind it and I am content with it. Islam is not hard on women any more than men. Women don’t need to work but men do, women are protected while men aren’t. It is different roles and rules for men and women but equally given out.

Hope that helps your question.


What I meant to say was men can also use their money on themselves but they have to see to their family first. Whilst women free to spend on themselves first.

to live, experience what you want,

oo man, theese day I am thinking about suicide, but
lets see what will happens, this is the point

The point to life is to help people and to socialize with isolated people in need. Also to do all the things you enjoy doing in life. To love and care for your pets. Those are the points to my life anyway.