What is the point of life?

Does anyone here have the answer?

I would really love to know…

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To live alive…!!@


To survive. And do a bit of online shopping.


Happiness is actually so hard to find.

I feel like i have more chance of winning the lotto, and when i do maybe ill become happy

to become enlightened and be free & blissful for ever.

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you just need to live. no purpose. no aim.


lotto would give more problems than happiness.

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wealth is a huge problem if you are not wise…


for me the most important thing is staying alive.
It is a dream to live.
And the world is rapidly developing so that I , and perhaps others with severe health conditions,
will see themselves fully cured and then it will even be possible to feel better as well.
However life in any form, healthy or ill, functional or incapacitated life
in any form is super valuable and all efforts should be made to preserve it and extend it as much as possible.

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Life is suffering, and the trick is to change your mindset in such that it feels less so. We all seek happiness, but don’t realise that we can’t have it all the time. Allowing yourself to be and be aware of everything as though you were a distant onlooker removes you from the pain of life, knowing the happiness is as fleeting as everything else lets life continue at its own pace.

Clinging on to everything like it all matters so much will bring you down.

Ultimately, for me it is remove myself from the cycle of rebirth and reincarnation, although I won’t do this for many lives to come.


I feel like eating a months supply of my meds tonight.

Its a strange feeling

Ive been shaking uncontrollably today

Nah, don’t do that. Each moment is temporary. You could be happy before you know it.

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You such a cool person @labratmat

@Magicfish drug overdose is very dangerous.
It can lead to death.
You should be very careful and treat this as an intrusive thought that you need to fight and beat.


Thanks Erez :heart:


That’s why I am listening to Cigarettes after Sex’s album. Give it a listen… :wink: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ThY6_-0ntqs

Cool song man …

The album is awesome too.

@Magicfish I said that it is important to preserve and extend life and life is of immense value,
but I didn’t explain further.
The thing we call world is a magical place.
It goes beyond the most wild imaginations.
We are all part of mankind, and the achievements of mankind are immense.
The point of life is that we are part of an immense project called mankind.
We are a part of a chain of generations dating back to the outset of humanity.
And our race, the human race has done the most magnificent things.
What in the past was science fiction, today is reality.
What today is science fiction, in the future will become reality.
Our human race is making immense progress in all spheres of life.

The point of life is participating in this magnificent project called humanity
and trying to make our small contribution to it, to further progress and to make the world a better place.