Dont understand the point of life

why did adam and eve “figuratively” eat the apple. why do we strive for such greatness. there’s nothing to be achieved. I don’t get the point of life. The point of “success” either. I can get by without succeeding so why am I put in a society that expects me to strive, and if I don’t strive and succeed i am ridiculed.

It seems my friends who make 30-40k a year in their job…all they do is complain. its their way of complaining that their life is “tougher” when theyre lucky they could even hold a job. but im kinda happy i cant hold a job because i dont see the point. life isnt fun. oh well im depressed :\


I haven’t felt that way in a long time. I’ve given up on finding purpose. I mean the world kind of takes care of itself.

Taking care of the self. However you want to go about doing that. That’s all you got to do. Beyond that it is pretty much indulgence.

Enhance the lives of others?

This will pass man.


I was suicidal earlier tonight. I think it’s total bull you have to study and work to make a living. We’re no better than slaves. Worst part is, you don’t have a choice, it’s either that or living in abject poverty or depending on somebody else which is unfair to them.

I can’t come to terms with that man. The world is full of beauty, places I want to visit, lush and exotic locations, beautiful living places. But no, can’t experience none of that as a rebel to the system, condemned to post on the internet and not have enough in the bank for a coffee after the middle of the month.

I wanna change that but it irks me man, plus nothing would ever be done if we didn’t have workers, so it’s normal that money was invented as a mean to increase service production. I just wish I was special and born a millionaire! :confounded:


Ouch man. Perfect use of this emoji.

It’s a rough deal that’s for sure.

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I think the only point in life is to follow Jesus, but I don’t do anything right, including that.


I think we’re in the beta testing phase, the first experiment of existence & consciousness. This is supposed to be grandiose in & of itself in that we actually “made it”, we bridged the gap from nonconsciousness to consciousness and it is actually working.

Once we transmigrate into the next plane of existence, it should be completely better. I strongly believe in a Creator, though, and that that Creator desires to keep me around. Just improve your sentience, develop character, enjoy what you can; uniquify. We’re testers, but we can be actual employees of God if so desired.

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You try to transcend the use of words in there? I do. Brings me a lot of peace with this thought broadcasting bs.

Transcend the use of words where? And what is “thought broadcasting”?

Words in the mind.

Sounds like Daze has done it. Einstein claimed he never thought in words.

It’s a delusion everyone is experiencing you as you experience yourself. They see through in essence. The hallucinations harass me all the time due to my more liberal views of sexuality and interpretation/ability to well sexual fluidity is the word. Control my self, beyond suppression.

I don’t know man. I’ve got the sz.

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I’m a bit of a happy nihilist… I don’t see a “point” or a master plan in my life…

I AM… and by that… I keep existing.

As long as I’m here … I should try to get better and enjoy my life… because there were huge chunks of sorrow. Since I’m trying to enjoy my life… I should try to help others enjoy theirs.

This whole bit of being successful… it’s all surface glitter…

Your friends who make all that money and you say they are miserable… I have a brother who is just like that… fancy house in the “good” neighborhood… flash car… competitive job…

My sister-in-law left him for being abusive to her and the kids… my niece and nephew hate seeing their Dad… (my brother) but according to society… he’s a success.

Society is superficial… I don’t buy into it. As long as I’m secure and not bothering any one… society is too busy to notice me. It can pass me by…

Those who I love… love me… and the rest don’t matter. Let it go… It’s all just a wave that will rise and fall.


Double to quadruple likes on that if I could :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:


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some people see an apple tree :deciduous_tree: and pick one apple from the tree…
some people see the same apple tree, and pick all the apples off the tree…
and then go to the next apple tree and the next…collecting all the apples !?!
never satisfied…
the wise person who picked one apple, sits there on the grass looking at the beautiful sunset :city_sunset: …enjoying the apple.
whilst everyone else rushes by.
there is no right or wrong way to live life…it is just choice.
take care :alien: ( another deep thought from dark sith !?!.. )


I guess some of the 35+ set had a tougher & more negative childhood with regular corporal punishment, insults and worse. So, lots of us were VERY motivated to work, support ourselves and enjoy being an adult fully. I think it was easier then due to lower mental illness rates or at least more self respect from people not to make themselves look like a nut torturing a stranger with verbal harassment/thought broadcasting crazy stuff. Lots of people don’t mind looking like a crazy kook now. I KNOW this makes me more motivated because I did achieve a decent, yet modest lifestyle and could afford to support myself with a little extra $$$$ for security. Childhood wasn’t that great, adulthood was nice. It was easy to achieve this in 2000, not so much now.

So, think it really makes me very anxious to rely on social security check, do limited work and now live with parents (as any females in my community are being screwed with bad for living alone. Just cannot afford it any more as things don’t pay as much either.) Gets very frustrating as I keep trying professionally and meet upon more discrimination, stigma, workplace harassment, education harassment, devil worshipper acting church peoples…that could trip me up and complicate self support/independent living.) This is all perfectly legal to do to someone and attorneys here don’t intervene on behalf of mental illness victims often.

I really don’t see humans as animals with higher intelligence any longer, only using animal drives for sex and even having trouble with basic animal functions like caring for offspring as narcissism/sadism interferes…Higher intelligence of lots of adults is now just submission to orders from voices (zombie drone style in some places) and sadism/passive aggression toward lower people. Some claim a ‘higher’ calling to do something for people/animals but some of these folks are really a tyrant trying to exercise absolute control over people (example of denying charity clients) or just scamming to support themselves with non-profit/charity $$$…Sadly, this latter is pretty common in some places as stigma gets worse towards some unwanted & workers see no problem to use their job to hurt someone.

You can get a little more enjoyment out of life if you try to find something you enjoy in life and pursue it…That is very hard for a while with low avolition, but you can manage it later. Trick to functioning when you have learned to ignore your symptoms is avoiding the toxic social problem areas and blinders to all this crap, without thinking of it as a negative of you wallow in it. Moving may be helpful if you have a TON of people in your community who mistreat you or cops targeted you for discrimination. Then ADL/self care, self support and explore independent living possibilities, develop social network or supportive family for need for belonging…Hope it helps.

You do the best you can with what you got. You just got to get used the fact that you may never have a lot of money. Money is nice, it makes life easier is some ways. Like they taught me in AA, when you are on drugs your life is usually pretty sh**y. when you get clean, you get a little something like money etc. But when you have something in life, you’re not problem free, you still have problems, you just have a higher class of problems. That’s why you hear successful people complaining about their lives.

Of course, if you have schizophrenia, you have more problems than just about anybody. The point of life is fluid. It changes. Sometimes life is all about one thing and then 5 minutes later it is about Something else. What the hell am I lecturing someone about life for? You guys know as much as me. If not more. It’s backwards, it should be you guys who are teaching me.

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the point of life is to suffer

No it’s not. That’s totally not true.

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If it isnt, why do we suffer then?

Why do we feel joy?

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joy is just the abscence of suffering. and i havent felt joy in forever which thoroughly demonstrates that not only our mental illness but life in general is made for us to suffer.

Just do something you like , no ones getting outta here alive :slight_smile: We all share the same fate.